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Gubbdata 2021

Gubbdata 2021

- Risk Group Edition

Event Type :
Demo Party

Dates :
2 - 4 July 2021

Place :

Website :

Organizers :
hedning, Phreedh

Organizer Groups :
Genesis Project

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
6Respawn by SingularDownload9.6
2Barry Boomer - Trapped Again by TSJDownload9.59.8
1Bromance by BonzaiDownload9.59.8
3Vitrum Oculus by AtlantisDownload9.4
4Revolutions Delivered by LftDownload9.1
7Uncle Petscii's Droids of Star Wars by TriadDownload9.1
9Ausraster by ExcessDownload8.7
12Born to Be Wild by Hokuto ForceDownload8.6
5Trapped in a Box by Genesis ProjectDownload8.4
10Lucky by SiestaDownload
8Mad Scientist by TriadDownload
13Stoppa Saabet by Esl0wDownload
10Blooming Spring by The 7th Division, Vintage Computing CarinthiaDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
5The Required Fields by MutetusDownload9.810.0
1Euro Boogers by JammerDownload9.810.0
7I Can't Go On. I'll Go On by MibriDownload9.7
12Fragmented Inverse Mirror by VincenzoDownload9.6
10Tequila Shot by MCHDownload9.6
4Fourteenth by Jason PageDownload9.59.8
19Funsterious! by WolkDownload9.5
21Staring Into The Sun by rytoneDownload9.4
9Layer by Layer by psych858oDownload9.4
16Funkyaaaam by NordischsoundDownload9.3
6Love Your Sample by ShogoonDownload9.3
20Kemisk Tisdag by ZZAP69Download9.2
3Black Keys Matter by 6R6Download9.2
16In France They Die Young by ChuinhoDownload9.1
1The Demosceniors by FegolhuzzDownload8.7
11Bumpy Ride by The SyndromDownload8.5
16Division by Zero by ProtonDownload8.5
7When the Gubbs Unite by No-XS/MazeDownload8.5
13Paraphine by Xiny6581Download
13Erna's Song by BarikDownload
23The Retroid by ManganoidDownload
15Atomic Hot Dogs by SlazeDownload
24Candy by TechnotronDownload
21Tail Chaser by ManganoidDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Killing Spree by The SargeDownload9.89.9
4Pretzelpilami by MikaelDownload9.89.8
8Monkey Business by HonchoDownload9.89.9
14Lautrec by LoboDownload9.6
2Mature by ElectricDownload9.59.6
6Mask by KatonDownload9.49.8
16Genesis by Almighty GodDownload9.4
10Tjardalen by TwoflowerDownload9.4
3Knight'n Dragons by FabsDownload9.39.8
9Framed by FacetDownload9.2
13In Orbit of a Dying Sun by TitusDownload9.1
15Ghost of the Forest by LeonDownload9.1
18Wi-131de Pixels by Rail SlaveDownload9.0
7Watching the Compo Stream Live by AltaDownload8.9
11Darklight by LoniDownload8.9
5Taut by AomebaDownload8.8
12Judge Pretzel by SpihamDownload8.8
19Gamer by jabDownload8.8
222 Colors Dream by SlaxxDownload8.6
27Raistfood by E-GrassDownload
25Merciful Court by BackspinDownload
21Beebear by BitprollDownload
23Zak McGubben by BackspinDownload
19Gubbasour by SkyffelDownload
2664-boy by BackspinDownload
16Gerontoeroticon by FrostDownload
24Band of Aliens by BackspinDownload

WiLD Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Freespin by ReflexDownload9.910.0

PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
3The Joke by The Sarge/Honcho (Graphics)Download9.6
2Cherche le zavr by Atlantis (One-File Demo)Download9.3
4A Story with a Semi-Happy End by MultiStyle Labs (One-File Demo)Download9.1
110 GOTO 10 by Smasher/Goerp (Graphics)Download8.8
6Rant #1 by Smasher/Goerp (Graphics)Download
5Disk Doctor by Logiker (One-File Demo)Download
7Demo by Logiker (Graphics Collection)Download
7Covfefe by 4gentE (One-File Demo)Download

Mixed Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
3Vegas by AtlantisDownload9.8
2Barbarossa by ExtendDownload9.5
7Dark Sky by CheapshotDownload9.410.0
15Brutalism by AtlantisDownload9.3
1Nightmare Forest by FairlightDownload9.3
6Sgrunt! by OnslaughtDownload9.0
7Too Much Coffee by Pretzel LogicDownload9.0
9Coitus Interruptus by TriadDownload8.9
10Eye of the Beholder - Teaser by ShineDownload8.99.8
13The Great Wave off Reflex by ReflexDownload8.8
1188 Miles Per Hour by HexhogDownload8.8
18Montjoie Saint Denis!! by christwoballsDownload8.0
20Percy by BeardswitcherDownload
12Is There Anybody Out There? by Hokuto ForceDownload
5Skåneluvin by FairlightDownload
4Evil Tater by FairlightDownload
17Towers of Babylon by The 7th DivisionDownload
19Construct #1 by ColinDownload
14Triad Logo Abstraction by JudasDownload
16Killer by CoolPHat, Nah-KolorDownload
21Invite to Out of Compo by Shuran33Download

Mixed Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
11st Lamer Compo by LogikerDownload

Productions released outside compos :
Airwolf Theme by Finnish Gold (Music)
FlutterPippeliWolf by STARZ/Genesis Project (Music)
GabberPolyDabber by STARZ/Genesis Project (Music)
Gubber Eye Joe by Artline Designs (Music)
Keyboard Macro Tool V1.0 (Tool)
Spindle 3.0 (Other Platform Tool)
True Believer [2sid] by Artline Designs (Music)

Attendants : (20)
Beardswitcher, grip, hedning, Itch, JackAsser, Jucke, King Fisher, Lft, Mahoney, Oxidy, Pernod, Phreedh, RaveGuru, Scooby, SkY, Skyhawk, Thorin, Trap, wasp, z-nexx

Releases containing information on this event :
Gubbdata 2021  Invite
Gubbdata 2021  Compo deadline
Overshadow #37 [hungarian]  results
RapidNews #18  short Report in News part

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 22 August 2021
Online events have no attendants. Please don't add yourself to the party if you weren't there physically.

The ones that were there in person were: Beardswitcher, grip, hedning, Itch, JackAsser, Jucke, King Fisher, Lft, Mahoney, Oxidy, Pernod, Phreedh, RaveGuru, Scooby, Skyhawk, Thorin, Trap, wasp, Z-nexx.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 13 July 2021
Monte Carlos: Gubbdata 2019 was massive too, but sure. The online Corona party shutdown probably helped a bit: Gubbdata 2019

User Comment
Submitted by Monte Carlos on 6 July 2021
Pretty impressive Release list. The online boost?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 5 July 2021
If you are curious: the visitors list reflects the jury. :)

User Comment
Submitted by KAL_123 on 5 July 2021
So many great new releases again in all areas, unbelievable.

User Comment
Submitted by katon on 4 July 2021
Amazing party congratulations GP!

User Comment
Submitted by wil on 4 July 2021
Who is the real winner in the Lamer Compo, the one with the most points or the one with the least points?

User Comment
Submitted by Electric on 4 July 2021
Would it be possible to have the GFX compo workstages public? If not now, in future editions?

I'm rioting for more open processes and will propose this to every party as well.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 4 July 2021

# Gubbdata 2021 results

## Airwolf Cover Compo

 1.  8.77 Mutetus - Ilimasusi
 2.  7.38 Slaze - Stringfellow Hawke
 3.  6.23 Proton - Airwolf Theme
 4.  5.85 mAZE - Airwolf Gubb Chippy
 5.  5.45 Zapac - Airwolf-aio
 6.  5.15 Morbid - Airwolf Animated
 7.  4.77 Xiny6581 - FlutterWolf

## Gubber Compo

 1.  7.23 Slaze - Jump (Motherfucker)
     7.23 Frostbyte - Gubber Eye Joe
 3.  5.15 Xiny6581 - Gabber Poly Dabber

## Other Platform Music

 1.  7.77 Flex - True Believer
 2.  6.54 Fegolhuzz - Small Bladder Syndrome

## Amiga Music Compo

 1.  6.54 Slaze - Temporal Anomaly
 2.  6.31 Vintrospektiv - Answering Mood
 3.  6.23 Caramel - Jargonaut
 4.  6.08 Juzdie - Holdy
 5.  5.77 mAZE - Sweet-o-Cutiepie
 6.  5.54 Krdn - Feels Like 1992

## C64 Music

 1.  8.15 Fegolhuzz - Demo Sceniors
     8.15 Jammer-MSL - EuroBoogers
 3.  8.08 GRG - Black Keys Matter
 4.  7.62 Jason Page - Fourteenth
 5.  7.54 Mutetus - The Required Fields
 6.  7.31 Shogoon - Love Your Sample
 7.  7.08 mAZE - When the Gubbs Unite
     7.08 Mibri - I Can't Go On I'll Go On
 9.  7.00 Psych858o - Layer By Layer
10.  6.38 MCH - Tequila Shot
11.  6.31 TheSyndrom - Bumpy Ride
12.  6.23 Vincenzo - Fragmented Inverse Mirror
13.  6.08 Barik - Erna's Song
     6.08 Xiny6581 - Paraphine
15.  6.00 Slaze - Atomic Hotdogs
16.  5.77 Nordischsound - Funkyaaam
     5.77 Proton - Division By Zero
     5.77 Chuinho-MSL - In France They Die Young
19.  5.69 Wolk - Funsterious
20.  5.54 ZZAP69 - Kemisk Tisdag
21.  5.31 Rytone - Staring Into the Sun
     5.31 Manganoid - Tail Chaser
23.  5.23 Manganoid - The Retroid
24.  4.23 Technotron - Candy

## Wild

 1. 10.00 Reflex - Freespin

## Lamer Compo

 1.  4.83 Logiker - 1st Lamer Compo
 2.  4.21 Crazy Maniacs of Hades
 3.  3.79 Marcer - Airwulf

## Comic Strip Compo

 1.  8.68 Goerp - 10 GOTO 10
 2.  8.26 Lobo - Cherche le Zavr
 3.  6.58 The Sarge - The Joke
 4.  6.47 Multistyle Labs - A Story With A Semi-Happy End
 5.  5.95 Logiker - DiskDoctor
 6.  4.58 Goerp - Rant1
 7.  4.05 4gentE - Covfefe
     4.05 Logiker - Demo

## Amiga Gfx

 1.  8.58 Viljan - Pond of Happiness
 2.  6.68 Online - Life As A Unicorn
 3.  5.78 Pararaum - Garden

## Amiga Demo

 1.  9.74 Andromeda - Rule 30
 2.  6.42 Software of Sweden - Parental Interference
 3.  5.72 Senex - Some Kind of Gubbe


 1.  8.24 Oxidy - Nightmare Forest
 2.  8.11 Electric - Barbarossa
 3.  7.74 Lobo - Vegas
 4.  7.11 Oxidy - Evil Tater
 5.  7.06 Oxidy - Skaaneluvin
 6.  6.95 Fabs - Sgrunt
 7.  6.84 Cheapshot - Deep Sky
     6.84 ND - Too Much Coffee
 9.  6.79 Skyhawk - Coitus Interruptus
10.  6.74 Shine - Eye of the Beholder - Teaser
11.  6.63 Hexhog - 88mph
12.  6.42 Worrior1 - Is There Anybody Out There
13.  5.79 Felidae - The Great Wave Off Reflex
14.  5.33 Jucke - Triad Logo Abstraction
15.  5.32 AlmightyGod - Brutalism
16.  4.84 CoaXCable - Killer
17.  4.79 Pararaum - Towers of Babylon
18.  4.63 Christwoballs - Montjoie
19.  4.05 Colin - Construct #1
20.  3.84 Beardswitcher - Percy
21.  3.63 Shuran33 - Invite to Out of Compo

## C64 Gfx

 1.  9.16 The Sarge - Killing Spree
 2.  8.89 Electric - Mature
 3.  8.68 Fabs - Knightndragons
 4.  8.26 Mikael - Pretzelpilami
 5.  8.11 Amoeba - Taut
 6.  8.05 Katon - MASK
 7.  7.89 Alta - Gubbe
 8.  7.84 Honcho - Monkey Business
 9.  7.74 Facet - Framed
10.  7.61 Twoflower - Tjardalen
11.  7.58 Loni - Darklight
12.  7.39 Spiham - Judge Pretzel
13.  7.22 Titus - In Orbit of a Dying Sun
14.  7.21 Lobo - Lautrec
15.  7.16 Leon - Ghost
16.  7.00 Frost - Gerontoeroticon
     7.00 Almighty God - Genesis
18.  6.83 Railslave - WI131de Pixels
19.  6.16 Skyffel - Gubbasour
     6.16 Jab - Gamer
21.  5.53 Bitproll - Beebear
22.  5.42 Slaxx - 2colorsdream
23.  3.63 Backspin - Zak McGubben
24.  3.47 Backspin - Band of Aliens
25.  3.16 Backspin - Merciful Court
26.  3.05 Backspin - 64-boy
27.  2.47 E-Grass - Raistfood

## C64 Demo

 1.  9.71 Bonzai - Bromance
 2.  7.76 TSJ - Barry Boomer
 3.  7.47 Atlantis - Vitrum Oculus
 4.  6.88 LFT - Revolutions Delivered
 5.  6.65 Genesis Project - Trapped In A Box
 6.  5.87 Singular - Respawn
 7.  5.71 Triad - Uncle Petscii's Droids of Star Wars
 8.  5.53 Triad - Mad Scientist
 9.  5.24 Excess - AuSrAsTeR
10.  5.06 Siesta - Lucky
     5.06 The 7th Division/Vintage Computing Carinthia - Blooming Spring
12.  4.12 Hokuto Force - Born To Be Wild
13.  3.12 Esl0w - Stoppa Saabet

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 2 July 2021
Today we will keep on building up the place and start to test the gear and run some random shows over at Scenesat and https://www.twitch.tv/gubbdata

We also have a Discord server: https://discord.gg/B48GPvqg

Join in!

Tonight: music compos!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 June 2021
(The schedule may be subject to change.)

Main hosts: hedning/GP and Phreedh/HmF with Grip support!

GUBBDATA will be streamed through SceneSat, and Twitch etc.
We will hang out at the stream chats and might take up demo
requests and so on from time to time, as we will try to entertain
you when there is nothing scheduled. We aim for constant entertainment.
Voting will be made by a selected jury of fine high profile
local Gubbdata sceners present at the party. On physical vote sheets
as always. (The special guests will be presented during the
stream. Some are already hinted below).

Friday July 2
Building and testing the streaming gear.
16.00-18.00 Welcome! Streaming will start. Testing the gear live.
Join the party chat!
20.00: Music Compo!
• Airwolf cover compo (mixed platforms)
• Gubber compo (mixed platforms)
• Other Platform Music (Amiga, Atari incl. C64 2SID)
• C64 Music
After the compo - Worms tournament with tequila

Saturday July 3 - The day of the Gubbe
12.00 Atari Demo Show - Troed of SYNC
13:00 Amiga Demo Show - PACiF!C
14:00 C64 Demo Show - hedning of G*P
15:00 Mahoney time! Live coding event/talk
16:00 LFT's "Phoney" Project Revisited
17:00 Live Round Table Demo talk with Trap/Bonzai
18:00 Mibri DJ Set!
19:00 Food time - (surprise stuff)
• Out of compo releases
• Lamer compo
• Comic Strip compo
• Other Platform Gfx
• Other Platform Demos
• C64 GFX
• C64 Demo
??:?? Prize Ceremony

Sunday July 4 - The Gubbe is tired
??-?? Random stuff perhaps. Stay tuned.

User Comment
Submitted by Mibri on 8 June 2021
My money's on Airwolf.

User Comment
Submitted by The Sarge on 8 June 2021
Will it be "dunka dunka"?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 May 2021
RS: We will have our own zak playing during the gfx compo, so you won't hear it. ;)


User Comment
Submitted by rail slave on 30 May 2021
in the gfx compo, would attached music be played as well ?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 5 March 2021


-Unlimited size
-Max runtime 10 minutes
-REU and SCPU demos will compete in the Other Platform demo compo

-No covers or remixes
-Please specify sid model (old/new)
-Executable C64 files only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes
-Tunes using 2 or more sid chips will compete in the Other Platform music compo.

-All C64 formats/modes allowed
-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Executable C64 files only

-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Executable C64 files only

-Max runtime 10 minutes, max size 10mb
-Oldskool platforms only, no modern PCs/consoles
-If your platform isn't listed among the compo machines, you will have to send in a full capture from real hw.
-If there are 3 or more Amiga demos there will be a separate amiga compo.
-Amiga demos must work on A1200/020 without fpu or A500

-Maximum resolution 320x256 pixels, 32 colours
-Copies will be disqualified. Please provide workstages
-Image will be displayed in its native format on the target platform

- Comic strip on an old computer, preferrably C64 or Amiga.
- Original work only. No copies.
- Multi screen gfx allowed.

-No covers or remixes
-XM/S3M/IT/other modern PC formats NOT ALLOWED
-No interaction with the hardware during compo
-No live music, pre-tracked music only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes

-Cover versions of the Airwolf theme tune
-SID, MOD and other gubbformats are allowed
-XM/S3M/IT/other modern PC formats NOT ALLOWED
-No interaction with the hardware during compo
-No live music, pre-tracked music only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes

-Gubber is defined as gabber with the touch of old classics that old people like. And we are all pretty old now. You'll figure something out. :D
-Must be a cover of an old classic in gabber style
-SID, MOD and other gubbformats are allowed
-XM/S3M/IT/other modern PC formats NOT ALLOWED
-No interaction with the hardware during compo
-No live music, pre-tracked music only
-We reserve the right to limit the length of music entries to 4 minutes

- To celebrate the infamous "LAMER!" sample nowadays popularised by Mibri's Twitch stream, the concept of "lamer" is the new thing.
- Do whatever you want themed "lamer", and enter the compo. What you consider to be lame is up to you.
- Preferrably C64 or Amiga
- Don't be boring

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 7 February 2021
Gubbdata 2021 will unfortunately be online, and streamed, just like last year. ATM we have no way of knowing how the laws and regulations will be this summer, so we decided to do it this way. Help us make it as wonderful as last year!

I will post here and on Demozoo for updates. The info on the Gubbdata homepage is accurate though, except, as you know, the party will be online only, and streamed. Some questions have been e-mailed to me, and I'll post the answers here as well:

* Will stuff be streamed, if so, where? Yes, all compos will be streamed through Scenesat and thus even Twitch etc, and yes, we will stream throughout the party with interviews, demoshows, and try to entertain you, the viewers, as well as the local elite gathered. From friday to sunday.
* Local elite gathered? I thought it was online only? Yes, it is, but the rules in Sweden accepts small gatherings, and as we need a jury for the compos, we have decided to invite some local high profile sceners to act as a jury. Names? Well. The locals most probably (I love this town!) as well as selected Amiga heroes. We will be about 8-10 people in the jury, and most of them are booked for interviews and so on as well.
* Sweet! What about a schedule? Schedule will be posted in time, here and on Facebook and Demozoo. It will resemble the ordinary Gubbdata as much as possible.

Remote entries can be e-mailed to hedning@gubbdata.se.

The deadline for all compos are Friday July 2nd at 19:00 CET.

The music compos will be shown on Friday, the rest on Saturday. Schedule will come!
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