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2021-12-16 21:02

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1334
Event id #3144 : BCC Party #16

Hey there, starved party people!

You've got that right, a REAL party is planned - in central Berlin/Germany, in Winter, in Pandemic...
What could possibly go wrong? =D

Much of the organisation will be different from other years, however.
We have found a new location in central Berlin (District "Mitte") which will be published after some more negotiations.
Much orga stuff (like selling drinks at fair prices) will be outsourced to the loacation management.
Further important changes:
- obligatory Registration to control whatever restrictions (see below)
- instead of "bring your own booze", buy it directly at the party place for a fair price and thus, help finance the location management
- NO sleeping at the party place possible, you're gonna need an apartment or sleep in your car

Conditions in Pandemic Times - Though Our Delorian is not working yet...
So we can't foretell what international (important for our foreign guests, e.g. check travel warnings, quarantine rules etc.),
national, regional or local regulations there will be in late February.
Much is unknown, and thus, much information will remain vague, but here's some FAQ
-Will it will be possible to hold the event at all? We hope so!
-Will there be a maximum no. of participants limit? Extremely likely, only we can't tell if that will be 5,50,100....
-Will there be restrictions? YES. Definetely only fully vaccinated(!) people will be allowed, this might even be put stricter, i.e. last of minimum 2 vaccinations may not be older than 6 months, maybe even then you need a daily test.
So in German acronyms it will be either "1G" or "1G+".
-Will we have to wear facemasks inside? Our idea is, only in doorways and restrooms. Otherwise we don't see how
the booze aspect that we consider essential for partying is supposed to be performed and holding the real event wouldn't make much sense.
-What if shit hits the fan big time? We'll not promise anything. We will try(!) everything to avoid cancelling it altogether, a downgrade to "online only" party like last year on Saturday only would be our plan(!) B.

Booking hotels, train rides, flights etc. - some advice
1. WAIT some more weeks. Even in normal times, February ain't a month in which Berlin is overcrowded with tourists.
2. When the ship goes down, you'd better be ready, i.e. make sure to have the best cancellation options, even if these come at a higher price, believe me, some 10 or 20 bucks extra
is well-invested, whereas expired or no cancellation options can mean burn some 100 bucks for nothing (happened to me, when Bunker Party was cancelled last minute, so I know what I'm talking about...)

Competitions Rules & Stuff
Other Platforms
This is an 8 bit only party, in case it goes online only, we might even make it C64 only again (as BCC#15).
So 16 bit stuff can only be shown(!) out of competition, and the authors have to bring all necessary hardware plus maybe a video file - just in case.
16 bit developers just consider picking another event for your release.

Other than C64 8 bit stuff will normally end in an "Other platforms/Mixed" Competition. I remember some C=16/+4 and C=128 releases.

The following categories are planned. However, especially when there is (more/less than) 3 entries in a category,
we reserve the right to merge or split subcategories.

PETSCII graphics
No runtime VIC register hanky panky, feel free to use ECM or MC, however.

One-Screen pixelled graphics
MultiColor or HiRes, Bitmap or Char mode, Interlacing, breaking the borders, Sprites, OSCAR, Splits... anything without scrolling goes!
No animations or multiscreen scrollers please, those would end in demos.

C64 Music
Covers and remixes are allowed but must be labelled "Cover/Remix" and might end in a seperate compo if we've got more than 3 covers.
No time limit but please use common sense.
Specify 6581/8580 and playing time!

C64 One-filed/64k demo
Any demo that fits into one file.
Specify 6581/8580.

C64 Multi-filed demo
Anything demo that loads while running, usually Trackmos nowadays or Mega Press Space stuff like in the 80s.

Whatever C64 related stuff doesn't fit into any other category,
such as Music Collections, Games, BASIC demos, DirArt, Disk Cover/Sleeve Art, hardware eagles, You-name-it...

Deadline for all remote entries: Fri, 25th of Feb, 11:59:59 a.m. CET, mail them to ryker[ÄT]freenet.de

Deadline for all live entries: Sat, 26th of Feb, 18:00:00 CET

Might be our man Charlie even sets up something where you can upload your entries youselves on wuhu or the like (similar to how it went at Transmission Fall Edition with votox). But no worries about that, anyway.

Attention! All entries must include executable .PRG files. If you need help doing that, please contact us early.

First of all, you should be aware that we are going to keep you posted here if any more details are settled enough to publish. Besides this forum thread, you can also get in touch on facebook (our man hoeppie) or on IRC #c64clubberlin if you have urgent questions that remained unanswered so far. Krauts can also go on forum64.de.
But remember: Though there ain't no stupid questions and we're ready to talk about everything and consider suggestions, there's an exception, namely no Pandemic restrictions debate, neither here, nor elsewhere.

Of course the focus is on the real party. But the plan is to stream the compos, anyway, i.e. Saturday evening/night - similar as we did at BCC#15 Online, no details as of yet, though, need to talk to Charlie and some other orgas first, but we will tell you what will be streamed when and where.

TheRyk for BCC Orga-Team
2021-12-17 21:26

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 2274
May your courage be rewarded. :-)
2021-12-17 21:43

Registered: Feb 2018
Posts: 166
Best of luck!
2021-12-17 21:52

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1334
Thx dudes!

As you can read between the lines, we've developed some kind of - let's do this attitude.

We had to announce the date, anyway (even for an online only, people want to have a few weeks developing time, although they mostly will procrastinate the weeks away, anyway, and/or claim we should have announced it 10 years earlier), which was about time. And the scenario Cancel the real thing inspite of all the planning seemed to suck (in our view) less compared to seeing some wonderful retrosexual healing (low infection rates or at least moderate restrictions) in late Jan/early Feb and having nothing planned for real thing.

Keep all your fingers crossed!
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