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Forums > Requests > Radd Maxx looking for lost North American releases
2020-02-13 10:32

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 2649
Radd Maxx looking for lost North American releases

Moderators just cleaned up Radd Maxx's scener entry bio, but as the bio there contained a lot of good info and requesting lost releases, the info was pasted below:


I love all wares and groups but I get most excited about North American scene releases from 82 - 93 and NTSC fixes from any year. I am very, very interested in disks from Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia because I have lost a lot of cool local stuff, including stuff made by people who are now deceased. I'm also into public domain games and ephemera that will never see CSDb (unless it gets released by Swimmers).

Some specific, known groups:

West Virginia: UltraSoft Pirating Inc. - The G-Force - The Osium Crew

Western Pennsylvania: Radiation Area - Desired Cracking Force - Federal Cracking Crew - The Foundation League - Ice Pirates Inc. - The Importing Homeboyz - Totally Unlame Pirates

Ohio: The Kender Crew - The Hood Works - The Cool Cats - Night Shift Rippers - Pirates Inc. - The Bones Brigade - The Federation - Tron-Soft Software - The Last Breed - Your Worst Nightmare - Lost Boys Inc.


Looking for Lost Releases

Many, many NTSC groups are missing several releases. Many more than most people think. Compared to the number of missing PAL releases the difference is night and day. Unfortunately North American collections in general are scarce, which is why there are so many missing groups, members and releases. What would help the most in finding these are purchasing US/CAN disk auctions, finding old BBS backups, transferring your own collection or submitting it for ripping, etc. Never think your wares cant help, missing stuff is hiding everywhere.

Here are some spotlights on missing stuff, but it only lightly touches on the enormity of missing NTSC works:

North American groups with the most missing releases: Trainers 'R Us, Digital Conclusion Association, Mass Consumption, Napalm, Silicon Software Company, The Elite Circle, 215, The Alliance, The Archives Network, Thee Supreme Council, The Notorious Importers, The Criminal Connection, Sin Badd Software, Commodore Pirating Alliance, World Pirating League, Myriad, United Network of International Exchange, Pirate Citadel Service, Future Forces Incorporated, The Super Troopers, Canadian Pirating Federation, Longshot, Vendetta, The Celestial Knights, United States Software Pirates Exchange, Underground Anarchist Network, The Wrecking Crew, The Seventh Sector, Weird Hell-Bent Operators, Heavy Metal Crackers, Image.

One-hit-wonder North American groups, did they release anything else?: Apple Commodore Connection, Dead on Arrival, Radical New Releases, Yesterday's Tomorrow, The Blasting Concept, Aleeda, Comstock Cracking Crew, MightySoft Inc., Destiny, GDI, Plague, Magic American Distributors, Future Crackers of America, The Opposing Force, The Zillaworks, Justice, Sector Soft Incorporated, Griffin, Silent Rage Incorporated, Rising Force, Nuklear Rock Crew, TML, Anarchy Divine, NNI, Pirater's Liberation Organization, PBCC

North American groups with NO releases found yet: Los Amigos, Triangle, In Full Control, Ice Cold Incorporated, Good Fucking Importers, Connecticut Cracking Group, Lords of Light, The Eden Chain, BFD


Most Wanted Long Lost Releases:

4th & Inches +D by Future Forces Incorporated. The most notorious freeze crack in NA scene history, made famous in Eaglesoft's crack. Hell anything from FFI would be a major find.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Keys to Maramon +2 from The Shaolin Monastery.

Legacy of the Ancients from Canadian Pirating Federation.

Star Trek Design a Ship from Phantomsoft.

Murder on the Mississippi and Howard the Duck from Eaglesoft.

Hang Over from Sin Badd Soft. The Triad import of this put this minor league group on the map.

TV Sports Football from North East Crackers. Caused a lot of scene drama but no one has it.

Forbidden Forest from Code-X. This is a personal one about a group I'm curious about.

A Load of Balls from FBR. There are a few releases like this with /FBR tags on file names with no intro, are we missing something here?

Wasteland from The Hood Works.

2020-02-13 15:46

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 428
Could be great to get a list of the US releases known missing and source to known they are missing

The list of groups makes it a little bit easier to look for the releases
2020-02-14 02:25

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 136
I know you guys are already aware. But most of the stuff that I archived are from US based disk collections. also you may want to look at blendo75s collections as well. He's from that same part of the US and is always on the hunt for that kind of stuff. Some of the stuff that I've copied lately has been from some of the groups listed on missing release stuff. still got more to do as well and I also have my own personal collection that I've still not archive yet. I know boneheaded thing to do but that's where I'm at.

2020-02-20 18:13
Radd Maxx

Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 33
Thanks for putting this here hedning. To answer some questions publicly that I've been getting:

Yes I'm also "blendo75", that's a forum name not a scene handle. I used that name here for a while before I started doing more than posting Db entries. Worldofblendo75 is a google blog where my brother and I used to write C64 game reviews (and probably will again when we have time).

I took that picture myself in the woods in my home town around 2008. There were lots of (unrecoverable, obviously) disks tossed out in the middle of nowhere and had been sitting there getting weathered and sun-bleached for who knows how long, which looks awesome and very appropriate. I have no idea whose they were.

There isnt really a "Radd Maxx Library" anymore, my library is your library. Since the 90s I've been stuffing my hd with public collections like everyone else does and everything I've collected on physical disks and d64s, even in private trades, I've put out publicly by now. You dont need to ask for my stuff, you already have it.

Almost every US artifact I've found has come from US-centric collections such as those DemongerX refers to above and a few others. These are the (public) ones we know of:

1581 Backup - Demonger Box 11 and 12, and I'm assuming the rest of the Demonger collections - Houston - Page-Box2-TakeII - Page-Box4disgarded - Page-BoxBrown - Page-Drawer1, 3 and 5 - Page-Zimmerman Sets 1-3 - Player 1 Part 1 - Radd Maxx Vol 1 and 2 - Six's Disks.

If anyone knows of any other US collections please let us know.

I've also found some really good, obscure US stuff in "GHDisks" (Swedish?) and Bamiga Sector 1's collection, just examples off the top of my head. Nearly everything else (even the old "ESI 1997 CD") has been all PAL stuff. But dont get me wrong, I love digging up Euro wares too. Hell I've found missing (from the Db) stuff in my old Arnold FTP backups and in Gamebase without even trying. Dont ever think it's all been found already.

Big, big thanks to Scooby who has really taken preservation work to another level with Assembly64. I was able to find dozens more releases on my own disks that I know inside and out and had already mined for CSDb entries.
2020-02-20 22:36

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 428
Again it's important to get a list of missing releleases from the US compiled, so it can go to the official cracks missing lists - the one here: ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/WANTED_CRACKS.TXT and http://c64heaven.com/wanted/groups.html

Please put source to known it's missing if possible
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