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2009-06-10 08:37

Registered: Feb 2002
Posts: 30
Best LCD TV-set for the C64?

Most people I've talked to, doesn't recommend a LCD TV as a C64 monitor, but my question is: which is the best one? I'm looking forward to a slick C64 setup with 1541U and a very portable monitor. :D

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2012-08-30 05:15
Total Chaos

Registered: Mar 2006
Posts: 74
in reply to smoothscrolling:
I would say yes, it does handle it well. It's NOT 100%, but damn close.
I've only tested the composite-in on it, but it handles scart aswell.
Mind you all, I'm old and slow, so it might jerk like a MF but I'm just not seeing it ;)

At 2.5kg (INCLUDING packaging-box) it's the ultimate party-monitor (imho).

CamelTV: LOOOOOOOOL! Goats are way cooler... ;)
2012-08-31 09:30

Registered: Oct 2002
Posts: 445

That is what i am using in combination with s-video.

Can be seen in use here:

2012-09-01 09:16
Account closed

Registered: Nov 2006
Posts: 715
@BitBreaker: those speakers!! *drool*

I have a question regarding this LCD TV I use for my C64 at home...
It's not the best one around of course... just a crappy brand (Alba) I bought from Argos to replace the ~25 year old CRT I always used, but sadly came to an end of its life. :'(
This LCD TV has both AV and HDMI support. Currently my C64 is hooked up to it via AV cables... but the output quality is really shitty, and you get that "jump" frame problem after around 20 seconds as people have mentioned above. I was thinking of switching to the HDMI method... is that possible and is it better quality output? ... just so I don't have to go out ordering the S-Video/HDMI convertor that I currently don't have, in the case that there is no difference to quality.
2012-10-08 17:01

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 133
It might not be the best, but very portable..


This is quite small but works ok with c64 including smooth scrolling. It only accepts composite, but with this screensize its not a big problem.

It evolved into integrated display on my c64c

pics at: http://sid.fi/~grue/nepa/
2013-07-28 18:55

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 364
Quoting Cruzer
Btw, about Frantic's idea of modding a C64 to run at 50 Hz - wouldn't it be easier to mod a screen to run at 50.12 Hz?

A problem with either approach is that the computer and the monitor would have different ideas about the correct colour carrier frequency.

How about TFT/LCD modules in embedded systems? Has anybody tried changing the frame rate of the display in, say, a jailbroken tablet? One use case would be to run vice with perfect scrolling and no tearing, but with some kind of USB S-video grabber it might also be feasible to use the tablet as a display for a real C64.
2014-08-22 12:24

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 440
regarding the skewing problem, taking inspiration from here:
see section "Composite video and and LCD TV", I got rid of part of the video signal in the V-synch area using LM1881, and magically the screen stopped in a still position. I still have problems in displaying proper colors, especially red is awful, but at least I get a still screen. I'll try to post the circuit I used after I optimize it a bit.
2014-09-04 14:31

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 440
After a lot of experiments I managed to gain an even higher quality without flickering using an interface circuit. But I still have troubles with red color display. I see red as grey. Anyone knows why?
2016-01-30 18:16

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 442
These new TVs still suck. Tried 3 lately.

The first couldn't scroll properly without jumps. There was no way no tell it not to automatically adjust the backlight to content. Crap colours, visibility and sound. But at least it didn't try to deinterlace. Anyway, some manufacturer I've never heard of from Europe(?).

Then there was some model of Samsung I think. Impossible to get it to not deinterlace. But scrolling worked. Unfortunately when it detected a black screen it's switched off the back light, so a flashing cursor gave an interesting effect. This could slightly be reduced in movie mode where it dimmed slower. Lot's of not so useful "effects", except maybe for the picture zooming. Picture ok, but on low backlight it was not "uniform" everywhere (darker right low part).

Now here's one from Sharp. Also impossible to get rid of deinterlacing. At least it's not messing with the backlight. This also doesn't like black screens, shifts horizontally a bit when it comes back. Scroll jumps sometimes. Picture ok.

The best is that the last two had noticeable lag even when typing at the BASIC prompt due to some picture processing. Even after I switched most stuff off. Playing games must be challenging on these ;)

It's a bit disappointing.
2016-01-30 18:27

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4539
conclusion: the best lcd tv for the c64 is a crt
2016-01-30 18:34

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 442
Or maybe a projector ;)
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