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The releases added to CSDb the last 7 days.
Wednesday April 1 - 2020
DownloadGiana Sisters Junior +2 by Raiders of the Lost Empire (1/4-2020) (Crack)
DownloadCorona 128 (1/4-2020) (C128 Release)
Tuesday March 31 - 2020
DownloadTrebbler V2.0 by Paramount (18/11-1989) (Music Collection)
DownloadCircus Games by NATO, Exodus, The Ancient Temple (1989) (Crack)
DownloadCopyparty Mega by The Ancient Temple (1988) (Invitation)
DownloadCaveman Ugh-Lympics by The Ancient Temple, A Touch of Class (12-1988) (Crack)
DownloadTrash by Antimon (26/9-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadGoddess (31/3-2020) (Graphics)
TIE Intro 3 by The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack intro)
DownloadThe Last Ninja II +4 by International Network of Chaos, Fairlight, The Ancient Temple, The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack)
DownloadTitan Logo by Saga Connection (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadTimerunner Ripp by Paramount (1989) (Music)
DownloadStarion Logo by Adroit (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadThe Last Ninja +2 by Triad (1987) (Crack)
DownloadA View to a Kill (third stage) (??) (Crack)
DownloadSoldier of Fortune +DP by Fairlight, The Ancient Temple (1988) (Crack)
DownloadShark +8 by Brand-X (1989) (Crack)
DownloadSaint & Greavsie Quiz + (1989) (Crack)
DownloadRizing Logo by Damage (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadThe Happy Vaccine by Latex (31/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadPETSCII #04 - The Bodyguard (31/3-2020) (Graphics)
R.I. Exchange by Commodore Pirating Artists (??) (BBS software)
Download64 Exchange II (??) (Crack)
DownloadOctober Ranks by Fashion (1989) (Charts)
DownloadMaster Lock (??) (Crack)
DownloadFlight Path 737 by The Odd Couple (1984) (Crack)
DownloadLogo of WWE by Actual Trading Generation (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadCops and Robbers by Little Kings Industries (??) (Crack)
DownloadSabrina 2020 (31/3-2020) (EasyFlash Release)
DownloadAd Infinitum (??) (Crack)
DownloadC0ACID-19 (31/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadMagic Madness by Catania Soft Cracked (1987) (Crack)
DownloadCopyparty 4.2.89 by The Ancient Temple (11-1988) (Invitation)
DownloadUltima V - Warriors of Destiny by Madonna Cracking Group, The Ancient Temple (11-1988) (Crack)
DownloadBraveStarr + by Fairlight (??) (Crack)
DownloadDemo MAV by The Iron Eagles (17/7-1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadDemo TIE Blau by The Iron Eagles (1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadDemo T.I.E. by The Iron Eagles (1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadTiny Quest Preview 2 +3 by Laxity (31/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadDemo Bobo by The Iron Eagles (1988) (One-File Demo)
TIE Intro 2 by The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack intro)
TIE Intro 1 by The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack intro)
DownloadDark Side by The Softkiller-Crew, The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack)
DownloadMarauder + by The Softkiller-Crew, The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack)
Download6485 BBS V4.5 (??) (BBS software)
DownloadBlitz Compiler (1984) (Crack)
DownloadEagle Term V8.5 (??) (Misc.)
DownloadTopografie Wereld (??) (Crack)
DownloadDemo Eagles by The Iron Eagles (1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadSkate Crazy by The Crack Machines, The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack)
DownloadDream Warrior by The Softkiller-Crew, The Iron Eagles (1988) (Crack)
DownloadStreet Rod by North East Crackers, Illusion, Triumwyrat (1990) (Crack)
Monday March 30 - 2020
DownloadSalamander Preview by The Night Operation (26/7-1988) (Crack)
DownloadOdysseus - Trojan Warrior by Transcom (24/7-1988) (Crack)
DownloadAnter Planter by Sub Tropical Organization of Pirates (??) (Crack)
DownloadCramborona Infections by Genesis Project (30/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadSmile by Delysid (30/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadVector Ball by Transcom (24/2-1988) (Crack)
DownloadWinzer [german] by The Ancient Temple (1-1992) (Crack)
DownloadI Am Einzig (30/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadIper Flipper [italian] by Catania Soft Cracked (1984) (Crack)
DownloadAce of Aces (8/9-1986) (Crack)
DownloadDark Rainstorms in My Heart (30/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadMicroprose Soccer + Six-a-Side Soccer by Ikari (26/11-1988) (Crack)
DownloadThe Last Fight by FBR Germany (1989) (Crack)
DownloadNOFPS by Hitmen (30/3-2020) (One-File Demo)
DownloadIntro-Competition by Elect, X-Rated (1989) (Misc.)
DownloadThe Arc of Yesod (1985) (Crack)
DownloadFree Ammo! (30/3-2020) (One-File Demo)
DownloadSCC-TSI Demo III by The Spanish Inquisition (1988) (Demo)
DownloadThe Link #01 by The Second Ring, Wrath (15/6-1992) (Diskmag)
DownloadSmash TV +2 by Accuracy, System (1993) (Crack)
DownloadPercy's April Ranx #04 by Warriors of the Wasteland (4-1991) (Charts)
DownloadWe Don't Care by Alpha Flight (??) (Misc.)
DownloadEmpire (1986) (Crack)
DownloadEmpire [german] by Electronic Cracking Association, Turu-Soft (1986) (Crack)
DownloadDrive Logo by United Artists (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadDestiny Soundtrack by Amok (1989) (Music)
DownloadDDT Logo by Adroit (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadHires-Koala Changer V1.1 by The New Fashion '77 (1989) (Tool)
DownloadTurrican - Rise of the Machine (30/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadCosmic Balance (30/3-2020) (IDE64 Release)
DownloadSanta's Grotty Christmas by Sub Tropical Organization of Pirates (??) (Crack)
DownloadAcid Ranks by Coolex (1989) (Charts)
DownloadLet's Make a C64 Game Preview V3 by Onslaught (30/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadTSC Logo by ACT 501 (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadThe Neverending Story by Secret Pirates in Transcontinental Trade (??) (Crack)
DownloadSurfer by Secret Pirates in Transcontinental Trade (??) (Crack)
DownloadRambo L'avventura [Italian] by Catania Soft Cracked (1986) (Crack)
DownloadZzzz by The Council of Twelve (??) (Crack)
DownloadMerge 64 +D by Laxity (30/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadMerge 64 +1H by Onslaught (30/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadSatan's Hollow by 2703 Group (1985) (Crack)
DownloadNostalgy RevB by Hokuto Force (30/3-2020) (Intro)
DownloadTested, Untested... by Atlantis (30/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadTitans by Catania Soft Cracked, DRM Software Club (1985) (Crack)
DownloadSamantha Fox Strip Poker Music by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadThe Music from Ghosts'n Goblins by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadThe Sound from Chevrolet by The Fall Guys (1986) (Music)
DownloadPyjamarama by 2703 Group (1984) (Crack)
DownloadChicken - Song by The Fall Guys (1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadChicken - Mix by The Fall Guys (1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadTake on Me by The Fall Guys (1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadRob Hubbard Re-Mix by The Fall Guys (1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadKokotoni Wilf (1984) (Crack)
DownloadFist + by New Formula Crew (??) (Crack)
DownloadSimple Game (1989) (Game)
DownloadShort Intro V1 by Royzex (1989) (Crack intro)
DownloadOrange Demo by Digital Crackers (1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadBattle of Midway (??) (Crack)
DownloadManic Miner by Laser (??) (Crack)
DownloadCJ's Elephant Antics +2 by Laser (2/3-1995) (Crack)
DownloadVoice Master V1.3 (??) (Tool)
DownloadWorm Simulator II (??) (Game)
DownloadCOVID-19 by Finnish Gold (30/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadWraith Ranks by The Force (10-1989) (Charts)
DownloadArtic World Cup by Duplex (12/9-1989) (Crack)
DownloadFetris by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
Sunday March 29 - 2020
DownloadTop Ten #021 by Mayhem (1993) (Charts)
DownloadCommodore Force Easy Lives 003 by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadMermaid Madness (31/7-1986) (Crack)
DownloadBallfever by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadLinking Leroy Preview +2 by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadFlix +2 by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadTransfers Ranks by Event (16/9-1989) (Charts)
DownloadDaten Agent 00X [german] by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadKennedy Approach (??) (Crack)
DownloadSirius + by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadMagic Rufus + by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadSuper-File 64 by New Formula Crew (1989) (Crack)
DownloadNSD vs Pacific by Success (30/12-1992) (Misc.)
DownloadJeet Kune Do (29/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadTop Ten #050 by Mayhem (1994) (Charts)
Success Story by Success (1989) (Misc.)
DownloadAllinea Testine Drive 1541/71 by Catania Soft Cracked (1988) (Tool)
DownloadLions in a Cage (29/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadJoker Ranks August by Warriors of the Wasteland (8) (Charts)
DownloadAugust Ranx by Warriors of the Wasteland (8) (Charts)
DownloadWOW Ranker V2 by Warriors of the Wasteland (??) (Tool)
DownloadWOW Ranker V1 by Warriors of the Wasteland (??) (Tool)
DownloadWOW Ranker V1.0 by Warriors of the Wasteland (??) (Tool)
DownloadWalkman's Adventure by Orbs (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadBlitz De-Compiler III (??) (Crack)
DownloadSuper Bowl Sunday by Commodore Pirating Artists (??) (Crack)
DownloadM.M.R.D. 1 by Metalix (13/6-1989) (Music Collection)
DownloadLove and Sex #2 by Vision (20/4-1990) (Diskmag)
DownloadStormlord Ripp by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadNigger Note by Totally Needless Team (??) (Misc.)
DownloadNo Coke! by The Lost Souls (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadPooyan by Commodore Pirating Artists (??) (Crack)
DownloadSundays Demo by The Eagle Crew (8/5-1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadFrontline Intro by Frontline (1989) (Crack intro)
DownloadLode Runner's Rescue by National Association of Pirates (??) (Crack)
DownloadSUS Demo by Sammenslutningen af Udbydere af Standardprogrammel (1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHollywood Show by United Artists (1987) (Graphics Collection)
DownloadKoala Painter ++ by Totally Needless Team (1990) (Tool)
DownloadZeta 7 (??) (Crack)
DownloadPETSCII #03 - Pet in a Tomb (29/3-2020) (Graphics)
DownloadDream Land by Cabana (25/10-1990) (One-File Demo)
DownloadPower Megademo 2 by Power (2-1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadBetrayal by Style (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadExor'n'Divine by Atrix, Style (??) (Demo)
DownloadRankinx 46 by Impulse (1989) (Charts)
DownloadThe Music for Hektik by Sonix Systems (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadSoundfx for Extreme Force by Sonix Systems (1990) (Music)
DownloadExtreme Force by Sonix Systems (1990) (Music)
DownloadTurn'n'Burn Music by Sonix Systems (1991) (Music)
DownloadNinja Rabbits Music by Sonix Systems (1990) (Music)
DownloadSunny Spring by Finnish Gold (29/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadRhino 20 by Cout Games (29/3-2020) (Game)
DownloadCheap Disk (??) (Misc.)
DownloadQuiltrex64 Preview by Raiders of the Lost Empire (28/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadBorn to Be Alive by Power (??) (One-File Demo)
Saturday March 28 - 2020
DownloadStill Strong by Byterapers (14/5-1989) (Demo)
DownloadCastle of Jasoom by Underwarez Pirating Incorporated (1984) (Crack)
DownloadBlast Ball by The Bonanza Crew (??) (Crack)
DownloadAxiens by The Bonanza Crew (??) (Crack)
DownloadMultiplex by World Wide Expressive, The Ruling Company (19/8-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadCorona2020 (28/3-2020) (Graphics)
DownloadMagic Poker by Orion (1989) (Crack)
DownloadMagic Dos by Falcon (??) (Crack)
DownloadIntro Preview by The New Fashion '77 (1989) (Intro)
DownloadUltra Byte Nibbler V2.0 (15/1-1986) (Crack)
DownloadBurgersoft-Girl (1985) (Graphics)
DownloadDas Drachental (2/9-1987) (Crack)
DownloadThe Rats (??) (Crack)
DownloadAgainst Right by Trance (??) (Misc.)
DownloadLooking Members by Vagabonds, Lethargy (29/12-1992) (Misc.)
DownloadNinja Instructions by Doughnut Cracking Service (??) (Misc.)
DownloadDigital Field by Prisoners, Exile (1992) (Demo)
DownloadOn-Track Racing by Commodore Pirating Artists (??) (Crack)
DownloadDeath or Glory (18/5-1987) (Crack)
DownloadWinter Games (26/10-1985) (Crack)
DownloadSpace Harrier (18/5-1987) (Crack)
DownloadWinter Camp +2 by Talent, Dornensoft (1992) (Crack)
DownloadDenker #1 by The Falcons (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadBye 64 by Intense (1990) (One-File Demo)
DownloadThe Ranx #01 by HCI (1990) (Charts)
DownloadCybersub Music by Sonix Systems (1990) (Music)
DownloadVanessa by Acrise (1991) (Graphics)
DownloadEscape for Colditz - Ingame Tune by Sonix Systems (1991) (Music)
DownloadLinda by Acrise (1991) (Graphics)
DownloadIntro Music for Escape for Colditz by Sonix Systems (1991) (Music)
DownloadJarre Calypso by Sonix Systems (1990) (Music)
DownloadRacterslam by Sonix Systems (1989) (Music)
DownloadAmmorada by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNikita by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadGuardian Angel by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHavoc by The Commodore Convicts, Section 8 (1985) (Crack)
DownloadLotek64 #60 by Lotek64 Magazine Staff (28/3-2020) (Papermag)
DownloadFrankenstein Demo by The Invisible Crew (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadDKJ Game & Watch +1D by Laxity (28/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadFirst Strike by Event (1989) (Crack)
DownloadCity Bomber 4k by Megastyle (28/3-2020) (4K Game)
DownloadFile Coder by Falcon (??) (Crack)
DownloadDiskmaster V1.0 by Tron System 9009 (1989) (Tool)
DownloadATA by Collision (2/4-1992) (Crack)
DownloadMurray Mouse Super Cop +2 by Collision (3/4-1992) (Crack)
DownloadQuarantine 2020 by Hokuto Force (28/3-2020) (Graphics)
DownloadMusic from Inspector Gadget by Triad (16/11-1987) (Music)
Download64TASS 1.55.2176 by Singular (23/3-2020) (Other Platform Tool)
DownloadDefender of the Crown Demo by The Invisible Crew (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadInvaders of the Lost Tomb by Knights of Eternal Evil (??) (Crack)
DownloadThe First Demo Of The Many Sounds by Danish Rippers (31/3-1987) (Music Collection)
DownloadKLF Dia-Show by The KLF (3/10-1991) (Graphics Collection)
DownloadTouchterm V3.7 (??) (BBS software)
DownloadKwik Utility (??) (Crack)
Friday March 27 - 2020
DownloadShogun by L.S.D (??) (Crack)
Download6485 V5.7 Test Copy (1986) (BBS software)
DownloadCorona2020 (27/3-2020) (Graphics)
DownloadThe Race of Paris-Dakar by National Legion of Pirates (??) (Crack)
DownloadThe Force (??) (Crack)
DownloadCopia Disco 40Tracks by Catania Soft Cracked (1988) (Tool)
DownloadIwo Jima (??) (Crack)
DownloadCovid19 (27/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadMusic Ripp #08 by Warriors of the Wasteland (??) (Music)
DownloadI Miss a Woman I Don't Love by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs (27/3-2020) (Music)
DownloadCookie-Eaters by Danish Science (1989) (Crack)
DownloadLaurel & Hardy Instructions by Jewel Cracking Crew (??) (Misc.)
DownloadPetconvert-Win (BETA) (21/3-2020) (Other Platform Tool)
DownloadMonty Music by Ace Crackings (??) (Music)
DownloadPitstop II by RGB (2/4-1985) (Crack)
DownloadI'm Singing in the Rain by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadDance Little Bird by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadMay Ranks by Fairlight (1/5-1990) (Charts)
DownloadDiskbusters V1.0 by Catania Soft Cracked (1987) (Tool)
DownloadSpindizzy by The Bavarian Software / Copy Mafia (1986) (Crack)
DownloadJeanny Part 1 by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadSkypower Rankings by SkyPower (17/8-1989) (Charts)
DownloadCome Back & Stay by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadIt's a Demo by SkyPower (24/8-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadDschingis Khan by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadThe First One by SkyPower (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadST3 Graphics by Star by Studio 3 (1990) (Graphics Collection)
DownloadVision Logo by Studio 3 (1990) (Graphics)
DownloadCalix Logo by Studio 3 (1990) (Graphics)
DownloadAxend Logo by Studio 3 (1990) (Graphics)
DownloadSimple Demo by The Spench (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadVirus by The Spench (14/2-1989) (Crack)
DownloadC64 Snail Maze + by Genesis Project (26/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadNuclear Intro by Nuclear (27/3-2020) (Intro)
War Dialer IV V4.1 (1984) (Tool)
Thursday March 26 - 2020
DownloadTele-Phreak 86 (1986) (Tool Collection)
The Happy Hacker (1984) (Tool)
DownloadALL-NET Hacker V1.0 (1/1-1988) (Tool)
DownloadGremlins 2 + by Trans-X (1991) (Crack)
DownloadMighty Bombjack + by Trans-X (4-1991) (Crack)
Phreakomania 2 by TCL (29/12-1987) (Misc.)
DownloadArmy Moves + by D.S. Compware (1987) (Crack)
DownloadIK - Venice - Piazza San Marco - March 26th 2020 (26/3-2020) (Graphics)
FAP-Soft Intro by The Federation Against Pirates (??) (Crack intro)
DownloadLogo 2 Axend by Studio 3 (1990) (Graphics)
DownloadInto the Eagle's Nest by The Black Tulip, Decibel (1987) (Crack)
DownloadAndy Capp by Madonna Cracking Group (1987) (Crack)
DownloadQuestion of Time by The Fall Guys (1986) (One-File Demo)
DownloadCool Musicians Tribute Number 1 by Sonix Systems (1991) (Music)
DownloadTechnique by Sonix Systems (1990) (Music)
DownloadElvira Title Music by Sonix Systems (1991) (Music)
DownloadNew Logo by Weird Science (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadLetter Aid V2.0 by The Infiltrators (1988) (Tool)
DownloadLogo Artshow Fabo I by Ionix (4/8-1989) (Graphics Collection)
DownloadScotland Yard [german] by Special Weapons and Tactics, The Ancient Temple (1988) (Crack)
DownloadTournament Snooker by Tango Soft Systems 1919 (1987) (Crack)
DownloadBreak It by Tango Soft Systems 1919 (3/12-1987) (Crack)
DownloadToddler by Tango Soft Systems 1919 (1987) (Crack)
DownloadMind Maze + by Rebels (1994) (Crack)
DownloadHit Delete ! (1993) (One-File Demo)
DownloadFunky Skull by Mayhem (1995) (Graphics)
DownloadEducational Pack 5 by Mayhem (1995) (Misc.)
DownloadMega Force by Mayhem (1995) (Crack)
DownloadPorno Pic #09 by Mayhem (1995) (Graphics)
DownloadHome Office Word Processor by Mayhem (1995) (Crack)
DownloadEducational Pack 6 by Mayhem (1995) (Misc.)
DownloadThe Arc of Yesod (19/7-1986) (Crack)
DownloadBushido +1F by The Syndicate, X-Ray, Forces of Evil (15/11-1989) (Crack)
DownloadGhosts'n Goblins + (??) (Crack)
DownloadBroadsides by The Eradicators (??) (Crack)
DownloadBounder on the Rebound by Commodore Rebels Against Protection (5/5-1987) (Crack)
DownloadKoala to Artist 64 Converter (3/6-1988) (Tool)
DownloadSpeed Ball by Commando Frontier, Fucked Beyond Repair (30/9-1987) (Crack)
DownloadThe Forum64 18th Anniversary Party Intro by Raiders of the Lost Empire (22/3-2020) (Crack intro)
Wednesday March 25 - 2020
DownloadBonzai Logo Original by Avatar (25/3-2020) (Graphics)
DownloadThe Curse of Rabenstein +DS by Raiders of the Lost Empire (25/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadTrans-X Logo (1991) (Graphics)
DownloadTit Bit +6 by Trans-X (1-1991) (Crack)
DownloadM.M.R.D. 1 by Metalix (20/6-1989) (Music Collection)
DownloadBSI Font No.2 by Blue System International (??) (Graphics)
DownloadBSI Font No.1 by Blue System International (??) (Graphics)
DownloadStampa Gatto by Catania Soft Cracked (1989) (Tool)
DownloadPolimus [italian] by Catania Soft Cracked (1988) (Tool)
DownloadIron Horse + by The Future (5/5-1988) (Crack)
DownloadNothing by Pac Man Team (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadBMX Kidz by Vortex 42 (8/2-1988) (Crack)
DownloadClue - Master Detective by Action, North East Crackers (1990) (Crack)
DownloadUnited Artists Intro (1989) (Crack intro)
DownloadNuclear Embargo (??) (Crack)
DownloadMission Elevator (??) (Crack)
DownloadThe Captive by X-OR Cracking Service (1985) (Crack)
DownloadThe Baby of Can Guru (??) (Crack)
DownloadWho Dares Wins by X-OR Cracking Service (1985) (Crack)
DownloadFractale V9.0 by The Aliens Corporation (??) (Crack)
DownloadSamurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo by The Aliens Corporation (??) (Crack)
DownloadLoverbyte by The Aliens Corporation (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadPole Position II + by No Frills International, Ikari, Shield (1989) (Crack)
DownloadCybernoid II +5 by The Star, Scouse Cracking Group (13/2-1989) (Crack)
DownloadKoekoek-Koekoek +D [dutch] by Cracker Force Nijmegen (25/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadA Demo-Intro by Titan Industries (24/10-1989) (Intro)
DownloadThe 1.5 Minute Copy Prog by Titan Industries (15/11-1989) (Tool)
DownloadRodMän V1.2 +3 by Laxity (25/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadRe(fresh) (25/3-2020) (1K Intro)
DownloadInterlude by Unit 5 (1/3-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadCaveman Ugh-Lympics by The Nuclear Boys (??) (Crack)
DownloadMeteor Strike +2 by Swimmers (25/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadFlak (??) (Crack)
DownloadRobin Hood (??) (Crack)
DownloadCentropods (??) (Crack)
DownloadAce Harrier by Fantasy Cracking Service (1986) (Crack)
DownloadSamurai Trilogy by Fantasy Cracking Service (26/4-1987) (Crack)
DownloadMission Elevator Trainer by Fantasy Cracking Service (??) (Crack)
Download#stayinside by Hokuto Force (25/3-2020) (Graphics)
DownloadSea Side (??) (Graphics)
DownloadSunny Girl (??) (Graphics)
DownloadCopia File by Catania Soft Cracked (1986) (Tool)
DownloadJane (??) (Graphics)
DownloadTit Man (??) (Graphics)
DownloadNice Ass (??) (Graphics)
DownloadNice Tits (??) (Graphics)
DownloadSeeräuber by Circle of Destruction (29/5-1987) (Crack)
DownloadWho Dares Wins by JCS (??) (Crack)
DownloadCombat Lynx by The Magic Crackers (1985) (Crack)
DownloadAd Infinitum by The Papillons Inc. (1986) (Crack)
DownloadJukebox I by Software Dreams International (1987) (Music Collection)
DownloadRocket Ball by X-OR Cracking Service (??) (Crack)
DownloadCubetro by The Seventh Sector (24/3-2020) (Crack intro)
DownloadTiny Quest Preview + by The Seventh Sector (24/3-2020) (Crack)
DownloadImpossible Mission (??) (Crack)
DownloadThe Baby of Can Guru by Radwar, The Light Circle (1987) (Crack)
DownloadPlayboy Fastload & Programm Menue (??) (Tool)
DownloadCauldron II by Eurovision 4096 Crackings (1986) (Crack)

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