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Top C64 Game

Place Release NameWeighted Average# votes
1Super Mario Bros 64 by ZeroPaige10.0060
Rock n' Bolt Enhanced by Extend10.0019
Ooze: The Escape by Haplo10.008
Whirlybirds by PULS4R10.008
Eye of the Beholder V1.00 by JackAsser10.00116
Tenebra 2 by Haplo10.008
Gold Quest 6 - Extended Version by Inferior Software International10.0012
Nepuli V1.1 by 10.0010
Manic Miner 64DX by Toki10.0017
Alien 8 by Rod & Emu10.0015
Donkey Kong by Oxyron10.0035
Scramble Infinity V1.2 by 5 O'Clock Software10.0024
Brain Bricks by Daimansion10.009
Peiselgames by Peiselulli10.0014
Into Hinterland World by Abyss Connection10.0012
Super Mario Bros 64 V1.2 by ZeroPaige10.008
17Robot Jet Action by Carrion9.9741
18Frostbite by Antonio Savona9.9632
19Keystone Kapers by Antonio Savona9.9628
20Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade by Nostalgia9.9679
21Bruce Lee - Return of Fury by Megastyle9.9522
22Gunfright V1.00 by Rod & Emu9.9315
Scramble Infinity by 5 O'Clock Software9.9347
24Commando Arcade SE by Nostalgia9.9344
25Aztec Challenge Basic by Steveboy9.9213
Puzzle Bobble V1.1 by JHB9.9213
27Amaurote Isometric 1.0 by Elysium9.9022
28Peiselgames by Peiselulli9.9011
29Commando Arcade by Nostalgia9.8971
30Worms Borders 93% by Atlantis9.8937
31Borderline Pac-Man 92% by Camelot9.8843
32Digiloi by Dr. TerrorZ9.8859
33Evening Star Enhanced by Grue9.888
Tower of Rubble 64 by K&A plus9.8816
35Knight Lore by Rod & Emu9.8723
36GP Cars by LHS9.8715
Crank Crank Revolution by Lft, redcrab9.8733
38Atic Atac by Saul Cross, STE'86, Tom-Cat9.8629
39Get Witchy by Hokuto Force9.8615
40Slipstream by Bauknecht9.8513
Kobo64 [r221] by Singular9.8514
42Hessian by Covert Bitops9.8443
43TOOP by Haplo9.8312
Caren and the Tangled Tentacles V1.1 by PriorArt9.8331
Lost Realms of Murkasada Episode 1 by Arkanix Labs9.8312
46Bruce Lee II V1.9 by Jonas Hultén9.8323
47The Great Giana PETSCII Sisters by Vintage Computing Carinthia9.8217
48Chopper Command by Antonio Savona9.8126
49Frogger Arcade by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.8015
50Doomed PETSCII Pacman by Ko-Ko9.798
51Straight Up by Dr. Wuro Industries9.7916
52Lala Prologue +4DG by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.789
S.P.R.E.R.O. V1.4 by Protovision9.789
Iceblox Plus by Eweguo9.7811
55You Have to Win the Game by Kabuto9.7840
56Bruce Lee II V1.8 by Jonas Hultén9.7732
57Fort Django V1.1 by Dr. TerrorZ9.779
58Shisen Sho by Genesis Project9.7714
59Sprite Invaders by Booze Design9.77108
60Donkey Kong Junior by Mr. SID9.7764
61SAFTS - Spin All Four Table Soccer (Compo) by PriorArt9.758
62Leilei Relay by Dr. TerrorZ9.7516
Tenebra Macabre [16kb cartridge] by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.7510
Commodorolympics by Artline Designs9.7524
Major Blink by Hokuto Force9.758
For Speed We Need 3 by Blazon, The New Dimension9.758
67Newcomer by Cinematic Intuitive Dynamix, Protovision9.7423
68Demons of Dex by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.7419
69Wolfling V1.3 by Lazycow9.7311
P0 Snake [64kb cartridge] by RGCD9.7311
71Hardsync 1st Mix by Lft9.7218
72Caren and the Tangled Tentacles [compo version 1.0] by PriorArt9.7135
73Micro Hexagon [16kb cartridge] by Paulko649.7138
74Pentagram by Rod & Emu9.7021
75Tetris Recoded by RetroBytes9.7023
76Crackpots by Antonio Savona9.6914
Sam's Journey Season Special by Knights of Bytes9.6913
Monster Buster [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net9.6926
79Puzzle Bobble by JHB9.6837
80Minestorm by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.9.6716
Berzerk Redux Final V1.18 by Martin Piper, RGCD9.6710
Ghost Busters Basic by Steveboy9.6710
83Killer Bees by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.669
84Rent-A-Cop Reloaded by Achim9.658
85P0 Snake [16kb cartridge] by Antonio Savona9.6531
86Jars' Revenge [tape] by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.9.6415
87Scramble V1.1 by Tomk9.639
88LumberJack Basic by Steveboy9.638
Berks Four V1.1 by Hokuto Force9.638
90The Bear Essentials by Pond9.6123
91Spoil by Hokuto Force9.618
92Endless Forms Most Beautiful 64 by Rikib809.6011
Crackpots V1.01 by Antonio Savona9.6011
Akalabeth: World of Doom by Dungeoneer Games & Simulations9.6010
Party Speedway by K&A plus9.6010
Dice Skater [16kb cartridge] by Geir Straume9.6011
97Munchkin 64 by Pretzel Logic9.5917
98Randoom by Picaro Games9.5813
Pentagram V1.20 by Rod & Emu9.5812
Tenebra by Haplo9.5812
101Duck Hunt by Mahna Mahna9.589
Lykia Prologue - Nathan's Journey by PULS4R9.589
103Magic Math by Daimansion9.5714
104Berks Four by Hokuto Force9.569
105Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom V1.0 by Pond, SDW Developments9.5637
106Zombie Calavera Prologue by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.5618
Kong by Sputnik World9.5611
The Burger Ninja by Aleksi Eeben9.569
109Penguin Tower by Problemchild Productions9.5514
110C=Rex Offline by Genesis Project9.548
111Time of Silence V1.0 by Claus9.5414
112Chiller 2 by Cosine9.5315
Fire to Jump by Software of Sweden9.5315
114S.P.R.E.R.O. by Protovision9.5350
115Madzag by Krissz9.519
116Apeshit by Megastyle9.5012
Space Panic by Karmic9.5016
Ninja Carnage by Resistance9.508
The Great Escape 115% by Elysium9.508
PETSCII Lemmings by Ko-Ko9.5012
Speeding on the A 81 + Bonus by Technische Maschinenfabrik9.5010
Icicle Race [16kb cartridge] by John Christian Lønningdal, Saul Cross9.5012
Iceblox Plus [update 2018-01-08] by Eweguo9.5012
Vampire Vengeance by Patagonia9.508
125Amazon Tales by The New Dimension9.508
International Karaoke + [extended party disk] by Success + The Ruling Company9.508
Snafu'64 by Megastyle, Protovision9.508
128Battle Khaos II by Tinnitus9.489
129Platman [16kb cartridge] by Saul Cross, Wanax9.4615
Shadow Switcher by Dr. Wuro Industries9.4615
131We Are Stardust by Megastyle9.4512
132Tenebra Extended by Haplo9.4411
133Rocket Smash EX [64kb cartridge] by RGCD9.4318
134Super Bread Box [16kb Cartridge] by Paulko649.4124
135Powerglove [rgcd compo edition V1.2] by Lazycow9.4013
Canabalt (Unofficial) by Mr. SID9.4031
PAC-WOR by Krissz9.4010
138Tubes'n'Balls by System-X9.408
139Rescuing Orc V1.0.2 by usebox.net9.399
140Czołgi by Protovision9.3813
141Phoenix-Recovered by Sorbas9.389
142Oy Up! by Nick Sherman9.388
Kobo64 [16kb cartridge] by Singular9.3820
Relentless 64 [16kb cartridge] by Bitplane Technomantes9.388
145Basic Sex by Steveboy9.3612
146Robots Rumble [deluxe version] by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.3626
147Redrunner by Aleksi Eeben9.3614
Poppy Locky by Megastyle9.3614
149Fortress of Narzod by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.9.3521
150Zatacka by Rabenauge9.3310
Tarot by littlebitspace9.3315
Lala Prologue [16kb cartridge] by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.339
153Joe Gunn Gold Edition by Endurion9.338
154Snake vs Bomb 2 - Canyon Chaos by The New Dimension9.318
155Space Lords "Centaurus" by P1X3L-net9.3113
Captain Cloudberry - Episode IV: "Helium" by Megastyle9.3113
157Spike by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.9.2917
158Frantic Freddie II by Oziphantom9.2818
159AMOK by Phil649.2713
160Monster Defense Basic by Steveboy9.278
161Zeit der Stille [german] by Claus9.2510
Powerglove [16kb cartridge] by Lazycow9.2512
Assembloids Basic V2.0 by Steveboy9.2513
Sub Hunter by Cyber Systems, The New Dimension9.2511
Panic Analogue [16kb cartridge] by Goin' Sideways9.2510
Scramble by Tomk9.2511
167Nucleo 448 [seuck] by The New Dimension9.258
168Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry by MP Soft9.229
Bomberman C64 by Samar Productions9.2233
170Robots Rumble [16kb cartridge] by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.2116
171MAH V1.0 by Retream9.2010
172Zap Fight 2 - Special Edition [seuck] by Psytronik Software, Reset Magazine Staff9.199
173Frogs by Dr. Wuro Industries9.1811
Paper Plane by Reset Magazine Staff9.1815
175Berzerk Redux V1.10 by Martin Piper9.178
176Awakening by Endurion, Spider Jerusalem, The USER9.1720
177Freaky Fish DX by Design/Chaos9.178
QUOD INIT EXIT V1.6 by Retream9.178
179Cosmic Ark [16kb cartridge] by Max9.1416
Juanje Juega in Sinverland by Picaro Games9.1411
181SprWall by Weetibix9.149
182Santron by Sarah Jane Avory9.1313
Portal V1 by Jiminy9.1313
184Berzerk Redux by Martin Piper9.1219
185Assembloids [16kb cartridge] by Onslaught, RGCD9.0824
Fortress of Narzod [16kb cartridge] by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.9.0813
Tutti Frutti 64 by Mayday!9.0812
188UWOL - Quest for Money by The Mojon Twins9.0820
189Frantic Freddy by Undone9.0717
190Kevin in the Woods Beta by Bamse9.0012
QWAK [16kb cartridge] by Oziphantom, Saul Cross9.0012
Lady Kakerlak + Editor by DATA-LAND9.009
Joe Gunn by Endurion9.0010
Megatron by Technische Maschinenfabrik9.0010
Metal Warrior 4: Agents of Metal by Covert Bitops9.0010
BOFH:Servers Under Siege by Covert Bitops9.008
2048 +2 by Triad9.0011
Rocket Smash [16kb cartridge] by RGCD9.0013
Pixel City Skater by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.0012
One Block Racer by Xenon9.0011
Alice - Escape from Wonderland by Vintage Computing Carinthia9.009
Flappy Bird by Sos9.0022
203QUOD INIT EXIT by saimo8.998
204Stroker by Bob Carr8.989
205The Secret of Monkey Island [d42] by 8.9527
Fort Django by Dr. TerrorZ8.9523
207C64anabalt [16kb Cartridge] by Paulko648.9225
208Olympics 2004 Athens by CML Sports8.899
209Tombstones - Retirement Day by Megastyle, Reset Magazine Staff8.899
210Jars' Revenge [16kb cartridge] by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.8.8818
211Match Buster [16kb cartridge] by S.E.S.8.8615
Super Silverfish [seuck] by Alf Yngve, The New Dimension8.8612
213Digger by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force8.838
214Taipan by JCB8.838
215Out-Space by Jason Tinkler8.8213
216Basic Snake by Steveboy8.808
217Space Lords - "Andromeda" [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net8.788
218T.H.E.A. [16kb cartridge] by Goat8.769
219Star Hawx by The New Dimension8.758
220Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle by Inside, The Mojon Twins8.7317
221Starfysh by The New Dimension8.7111
Wonderland [16kb cartridge] by RGCD8.7111
223Sir Ababol by The Mojon Twins8.7017
224Soulless by Psytronik Software, RGCD8.689
225Paper Plane [16kb cartridge] by Reset Magazine Staff8.678
226Das Camp [german] by TUGCS8.669
227Ghost Town 64 by Awsm8.638
228Little Nippers Deluxe by The New Dimension8.6010
Flying Saucers by Black Hole8.6010
Fairy Well [16kb cartridge] by Mix2568.6011
231Voivod Attack [16kb cartridge] by RGCD8.5715
232Pixel City Skater [16kb cartridge] by Med648.5513
Break 64 by Wanax8.5514
234C-2048 [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net8.5319
235Turrican 3 by Smash Designs8.5320
236Phantom of the Blasteroids by Genesis Project8.519
237Spider Fighter by Haplo8.518
238Snake VS Bomb by The New Dimension8.508
Ring on a String [16kb cartridge] by Ruk8.5017
Aviator Arcade [16kb cartridge] by Hindsbosoft8.5013
241Greenrunner by Aleksi Eeben8.4616
242Blastopia DX by The New Dimension8.469
243Beam by 8.4010
244Arkadenoid by Hokuto Force8.388
245The Great Washing Machine King by Hokuto Force8.3611
Vallation [16kb cartridge] by Cosine8.3615
247Space Planters by Vintage Computing Carinthia8.358
248Rent a Cop [16kb cartridge] by Achim8.3314
GR9 Strike Force by Cosine8.3310
250Shock Raid by The New Dimension8.309
251Carrera F1 by Technische Maschinenfabrik8.309
Beholder II by MP Soft8.309
253Bug Hunt [16kb cartridge] by Majikeyric8.3012
254Vortex Crystals [16kb cartridge] by The New Dimension8.2910
Tiger Claw [16kb cartridge] by Lazycow, Saul Cross8.2917
Stercore XD by C64CD8.2912
Nu, pagadi! by Falcon Soft8.2910
258QUOD INIT EXIT V1.1 by saimo8.269
259Fart Escape by Picaro Games8.258
260Get 'Em DX [16kb cartridge] by Psytronik Software, RGCD8.229
261Seaquest by Haplo8.2010
262The Dragon's Castle by Sputnik World8.178
263SPRITEtris by Ko-Ko8.178
264Alienator [16kb cartridge] by Endurion8.1411
265Flappy Night by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force8.1110
266The Impossible Game by Mayday!, Uppercase Software8.008
SpaceChem Nano [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net8.0011
Tetris (Atari Arcade Conversion) by DaCapo8.0014
Edge Grinder by Cosine8.0012
270Zombi Terror by Kabuto Factory7.988
271Spike C64 Dislike [16kb cartridge] by FX7.9214
272Mini Arcade: Climax [16kb cartridge] by Bamse7.9112
273Monkey Eat Milkey [16kb cartridge] by Software of Sweden7.8813
274Let's Invade 2 by The New Dimension7.868
275Dunjon Battler by Malcontent7.849
276Slime Deluxe [16kb cartridge] by Mr. NOP7.838
277Pickle's Pod Patrol [16kb cartridge] by Uppercase Software7.808
278Get 'Em [16kb cartridge] by Endurion7.749
279Shootin' Putin [lightgun/joystick] by Technische Maschinenfabrik7.739
280Taipan by e5frog7.608
281Penultimate Fantasy [16kb cartridge] by Endurion, FX, Twoflower7.5513
282Dungeon Crawl by TWW7.5011
283X-Force by The New Dimension7.508
284S-Blox V1.0 [16kb cartridge] by Avatar7.508
285Diagonal Ball 2 by Avatar7.4412
286Zoomies! by Second Dimension7.429
287Little Sara Sister 2 [16kb cartridge] by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force, Ice Team7.409
288Fickle [16kb cartridge] by Malcolm Tyrrell7.3812
289Honey Bee Redux [16kb cartridge] by The New Dimension7.3315
290Blap 'n Bash Revisited [16kb cartridge] by The New Dimension7.338
291Presswurst II Liquid Edition by Metalvotze7.328
292Tetris MP V1.2 by MP Soft7.2510
293Brick Buster [16kb cartridge] by Software of Sweden7.2212
294On the Farm by The New Dimension7.209
295On the Farm III [16kb cartridge] by The New Dimension7.2010
296Night Drive by Data7.208
297Ice Cold Beer by Megastyle7.178
298The Mollusk [16kb cartridge] by Achim7.178
299Devil Ronin [16kb cartridge] by RGCD7.069
300Toilet Paper Stacker by The New Dimension7.018
301Magic Duel [16kb cartridge] by Domspitze7.008
Snake on a Plane by Snake Oil Software7.008
303Toyz [16kb cartridge] by Pyramidenkopf6.969
304Woolly Jumper [16kb cartridge] by The New Dimension6.8010
305Little Sara Sister 2 by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force, Ice Team6.799
306Falling [16kb cartridge] by Saul Cross, Wanax6.5711
Kabura by Sputnik World6.5710
308Xain'D Sleena by Sputnik World6.549
309RobotLand by Sputnik World6.178
310Excalibur by Laddh6.1110
311Gold Quest 5 [seuck] by Inferior Software International6.108
312Race [16kb cartridge] by Sokrates6.0813
313Galaxian: Return of Compressed Poo-Balls! by Raiders of the Lost Empire5.818
314Hyper Duel by Crypt, The New Dimension5.338
315Rita Raute by Prof. Pi^25.028

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