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Top C64 Demo

Place Release NameWeighted Average# votes
1Edge of Disgrace by Booze Design9.61309
2Coma Light 13 by Oxyron9.61227
3Uncensored by Booze Design9.59204
4Comaland 100% by Censor Design, Oxyron9.5993
5Lunatico by Lft9.58160
6Unboxed by Bonzai9.56125
7Memento Mori by Genesis Project9.53122
8Christmas Megademo by Atlantis, Bonzai, Genesis Project, Lethargy, Offence9.52112
9Wonderland XII by Censor Design9.49137
10The Shores of Reflection by SHAPE9.48110
11C=Bit 18 by Performers9.4576
12Remains by Booze Design9.4574
13Unity by Atlantis, Padua9.4448
14OMG Got Balls! by OMG9.4453
15Wonderland XIII by Censor Design9.4484
16Comaland by Censor Design, Oxyron9.44178
17Incoherent Nightmare by Arsenic9.4377
18Space Beer by Fossil9.4345
19X Marks the Spot by Genesis Project9.4374
20Neon by Triad9.4382
21Protogeo 100% by Glance9.4246
22The Elder Scrollers by Booze Design9.4254
23We Come in Peace by Censor Design, Fairlight, Offence9.4279
24Rivalry by Bonzai, Censor Design, Fairlight, Genesis Project, Offence9.4291
25Thirty by Focus9.4160
26Fantasmolytic by Censor Design, Oxyron9.4196
27Rocketry by Chorus9.4090
28Old Men in Used Cars by Fossil9.4064
29Deus Ex Machina by Crest, Oxyron9.39169
30The Dive by Genesis Project9.3944
31We Love to Party by Lethargy9.3926
322600 by Fairlight9.3962
33+H2K by Plush9.38125
34Nothing but PETSCII by Genesis Project9.3792
35Concert by Performers9.3771
36The Star Wars Demo by Censor Design9.3582
37We Are All Connected by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.34115
38Lost in Transmission by Finnish Gold9.349
39Quad Core 100% by Singular9.3326
40Xcusemo by Atlantis9.3346
41We Are Demo by Fairlight, Noice, Offence9.3295
42ES1RA by Arise9.3155
43GoatLight by Fairlight, Noice, Offence9.3174
44Don't Disturb My Friend by Antonio Savona9.3023
455 Shades of Grey by Lethargy9.3040
46Delirious 11 by Genesis Project9.2956
47Musik Run/Stop by Mahoney9.2860
48Drinking Buddies by c0zmo, Dane, grip, HCL, JackAsser, Pernod9.2826
49Andropolis by Booze Design, Instinct9.27131
50NGC 1277 100% by Samar Productions9.2740
Frantic4BHF by Hoaxers9.2737
Soft Machine by Triad9.2740
53RGB by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.2783
54Desert Dream by Chorus, Resource9.27132
55Revolved by Triad9.2688
Stacked by Padua9.2641
57K9 V Orange Main Sequence by Fairlight9.2640
58Diagonality by Genesis Project9.2538
Snakepit by Delysid9.2525
Monomania by Offence9.2519
1981 by Desire, Proxima9.2531
62Continuum by Triad9.2576
63Monumentum by Hitmen9.2463
64Snapshot by Glance9.2473
65Scrollwars by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.2482
66Tower Power 100% by Camelot9.2460
67Gamertro by Lethargy9.2437
68D50 by Bonzai9.2330
69Uncle PETSCII's Christmas Show by Triad9.2327
70Mentallic by Panoramic Designs9.2255
71Scene of the Living Dead by Atlantis, Delysid9.2221
Balls Might Touch by Fatzone9.2213
Party Animals by Pretzel Logic9.2220
The 21st by Resource, Singular9.2212
75The Phoenix Code by Bonzai9.2162
76Quad Core by Singular9.2124
77We Are New by Fairlight9.2091
78In Memory Of by Fairlight9.2040
79Fopcycle by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.1935
80Reluge 101% by Padua9.1923
81Pain In The Asm by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.1940
82Out of Contex by Artline Designs9.1934
83Soiled Legacy by Resource9.1871
84Disco Apocalypso by SHAPE9.1890
85Cauldron 101% +++ by Exceed, Resource, The Dreams9.1822
VF-SSDPCM1 Super Plus by Algotech9.1811
872011 - A Press Space Odyssey by Offence9.17108
88The Wild Bunch by Focus, Horizon, Instinct, Triad9.1771
89Tower Power 92% by Camelot9.1725
Vicious Sid 2 by The Noisy Bunch9.1740
Rebirth 100% by Finnish Gold9.1746
Camel Park by Camelot9.1729
Beats by Atlantis9.1725
94Vicious Sid by Mixer, SounDemoN, The Human Code Machine9.1661
95Mathematica by Reflex9.1675
96Royal Arte 100% by Booze Design9.1694
97Reluge by Padua9.1632
98The Last Truckstop 3 by Fairlight9.1650
Unsound Minds by Byterapers9.1653
100Dutch Breeze by Black Mail9.15152
101SSDPCM2 V3 - 16khz by Algotech9.1522
Serpent by Censor Design9.1545
103Another Beginning by Offence, Prosonix9.1591
104Wildfire by Coma9.1410
None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive by Atlantis, Delysid, Excess, Mayday!, Padua, Rabenauge, The New Ninja Skateboarders of Death9.1424
Demo of the Year 2014 [102% final version] by CeriX, Arsenic, Atlantis, Chorus, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Genesis Project, House Designs, Offence, Onslaught9.1410
Black Spark 100% by Black Sun9.1421
108Apparatus by Lepsi De, Miracles9.1459
109Mekanix by Booze Design, Instinct9.1461
Algo Dreams by Algotech9.1422
111ExAc20 Aftershow by fieserWolf9.1315
Artphosis by Hitmen9.13113
113Honey by Atlantis9.1331
114Megaparts 2 by Fear9.1311
Krestage by Crest9.1327
Beezarro by Atlantis9.1320
Mixer by Upfront9.1332
118SIDistic by Kruthers9.129
Risperdal Dreams by Upstars9.129
120Ice Cream Castle by Crest9.1229
121Cycle by Booze Design9.12111
Wonderland XI by Censor Design9.1259
123Crest Avantgarde by Crest9.1232
Void by Coma, Resource9.1226
12550 Bytes of Sylvia by Algotech9.1127
Wizard of Wor Sprite Comparison Demo by Hokuto Force9.1114
NGC 1277 80% by Samar Productions9.1122
128Gerposaurus by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Latex9.1016
Coma Light 12 by Oxyron9.1024
Red Storm by Triad9.1041
131Unicorn, the Collectors Edition by Chorus9.1038
132Skåneland 2 by Fairlight9.1024
133Pearls for Pigs by Xenon9.0979
1341991 by Booze Design9.0949
Introducing Audio VQ by Algotech9.0913
CSDb Hardware-Guru Charts 2020 by Extend, Hackers9.0911
Essentials by Hack n' Trade9.0912
138Stoned Dragon by Fairlight9.0925
The Doors of Perception by SHAPE9.0960
140Sharp by Fairlight, Instinct9.0869
141Toxyc Taste by Arsenic9.0833
142Krestology 90% by Crest9.0814
Unboxed [6581 edition] by Bonzai9.0813
Stan Lee Tribute by Desire9.0816
145Altered States 50% by Taboo9.0771
146In a Hurry by Padua9.0721
147Two Sided by Atlantis9.0738
148Natural Wonders by Oxyron9.0777
149Demolution by Lethargy9.0620
150Natural Wonders 2 by Oxyron9.0663
151Time Machine by Booze Design9.0566
152Fantomas by Siesta9.0527
153Radio Napalm by Reflex9.0524
154Biba 3 by Arise9.0459
155I Love the Cube 100% by Samar Productions9.0433
Sidelined by Censor Design9.0423
157Dutch Blue by Xenon9.0426
158Aerial Core by Extend9.0429
159Ammonite by Fossil9.0436
160Dream Travel 100% by Samar Productions9.0340
161Error 23 90% by Resource, The Dreams9.0349
162Amplifire by Horizon, Instinct9.0354
163Skåneland by Fairlight9.029
164La Linea 85% by Breeze9.0026
We Love C64 by Blazon9.0015
Go Gray by Profik9.0010
Sample Blaster by Algotech9.0022
ICSRTU-FM by Cosine9.0010
Private Parts by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.0019
So-Phisticated III by 20th Century Composers, Black Mail, Inorix9.0018
Orangi. by Extend9.0017
Breakdance by Delysid9.009
Elysion - the Requiem by Origo Dreamline9.0053
Sonic by Triumwyrat9.0020
The Last Traktor III by Horizon9.0049
Boogie Factor V1.1 by Fairlight9.0016
Vega by Delysid9.0022
Digital Delight by Panoramic Designs9.0029
XMAS 2020 by Censor Design9.0015
Demo of the Year 2013 by Axis, Yazoo, Alpha Flight, Camelot, Censor Design, Chorus, Fossil, Hitmen, Laxity, Oxyron, Phantasy9.0031
Insomnia V1.1 by 64ever9.0063
The Un-named Demo by Camelot9.0011
183The Quark Preview by Breeze8.998
184Still Ready by Resource, The Dreams8.9857
185Artillery 100% by SHAPE8.9851
186Trick and Treat by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix8.9772
187Wonderland X by Censor Design8.9635
188Sweet Infection by Arise8.9639
189Top Priority by Contex8.9524
190Tsunami by Booze Design8.9556
Forever Lost by Samar Productions8.9524
192Rutig Banan by Fairlight8.9423
193VOA by Onslaught8.9417
194Poor/Bias Crusher [fixed] by Mixer8.9419
Krawall Deluxe by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.8.9440
196Youthquake by Contex8.9214
197Krestology 100% by Crest8.9243
198Pimp My Snail by Camelot8.9143
199Non Plus Ultra 64% by Singular8.9128
Digital World by Samar Productions8.9125
201Feliz Navidad by Fairlight8.9114
Retro by Elysium8.9115
20320 Years Onslaught by Onslaught8.9037
204Crest Light by Crest8.8924
205Krestyron by Crest, Oxyron8.8913
Manorexic by Fairlight8.8911
207Kyfnkacxkn by Delysid8.899
208Wonderland IX by Censor Design8.8828
GraphixMania II by Modern Arts8.8834
Road of Excess by Triangle8.8827
211Visuality 3 by Visual Reality8.8818
Delirious 10 by Genesis Project8.8810
SSDPCM1-Super by Algorithm8.8811
Opium 100% by Samar Productions8.8827
Dignified by Density8.8810
Bonanza by Microsystems Digital Technologies8.8811
217Brutal Comeback by Light8.8623
Unicorn by Chorus8.8629
219Torture 3 by Padua8.868
220Emotional Breakdown by Offence8.8619
221One Million Lightyears from Earth by Fairlight8.8541
222The Larch 3 by Bones8.8530
223Justintime by Graffity8.8515
Nasty 2 by Paragon8.8520
The Last Reactor III by React8.8517
226!dead by Padua8.8426
Seal of Focalor by Megastyle8.8421
228Spiritual Dreams by Spirit8.8320
Access Denied by Reflex8.8327
230Spasmolytic by Censor Design8.8331
231Legoland 3 by Fairlight8.8213
232Extremes by Byterapers8.8120
233Empirion by Bauknecht8.8133
234Catcher by B.U.D.S., NATO8.819
235Demo of the Year 2014 by CeriX, Arsenic, Atlantis, Chorus, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Genesis Project, House Designs, Offence, Onslaught8.808
236Too Old to Ror and Rol by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix8.8046
237Trans*Form by Focus8.7832
238Eldorado by Origo Dreamline8.7754
2392011 - A Press Space Odyssey [party version] by Offence8.7715
Prometheus Unbound by Flash Inc.8.7722
241Unbounded by Demotion8.768
242The Royal Scam by Pretzel Logic8.7511
Shareware by Dekadence8.7511
Just Dance 64 by Algotech8.7520
Thera by Atlantis8.7521
The Legacy Part II by Flash Inc.8.7519
Krestage 2 by Crest8.7521
248Total by Extend8.7435
249Parts by Oxyron8.7317
Zeros & Ones by 8.7318
251Voodoo People by No Name8.739
252Brutality by Light8.7231
253Oxy Rock by Oxyron8.7219
Arcanum by Xenon8.7228
255Coma Light 11 by Oxyron8.7117
Mazinger Z Sing-Along by Atlantis8.7117
Demonstrationsprogram för VIC=64 by Svenska ADB Gruppen8.7116
258Datastorm Leftovers by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix8.7129
259One Quarter by Fairlight8.7127
26020+1 Years by Replay8.7014
261Cauldron by Exceed, Resource, The Dreams8.7032
262Fogyish by Arise, Samar Productions8.6922
Aroused by Proxima8.6918
264Demode by Chorus8.6938
265Boogie Factor by Fairlight8.6942
266Arok 2014 Invitation by Singular8.6711
Call The Hidden by Atlantis, Genesis Project8.6714
Midnite Movie by The Zombie Boys8.6710
C64, Hear 64 by Desire8.6718
Jump by Abyss Connection8.6715
Higher Love by Graffity8.6714
Triage 3 by Smash Designs8.6713
Snack by Artline Designs8.6710
Black Spark 90% by Black Sun8.6720
Tangled Up by Delysid8.6714
Seaworld by Blazon8.6711
277PlasmaToy Version 2 by Defame8.678
278Protogeo 80% by Glance8.6647
279Demo with Bugs by Genesis Project8.6542
280Living Chips by Cosmos Designs8.6418
Digital Magic by Crest8.6423
282Tales of Mystery by Spirit8.6434
283Lollipop by Delysid8.6413
Week in Progress by Mayday!8.6417
Bad Apple 64 by Onslaught8.6427
We Miss You by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.6415
287Biba 2 by Arise8.6335
288Strip-a-Minute by Onslaught8.6310
289Rust by Onslaught8.6243
290Demo of the Year '87 by 2000 A.D., AEK Crackware, Beastie Boys, Boys from Dizzyland, Commando Frontier, Dexion, Fairlight, New Life, The Fanatic Duo, The Gamebusters 1541, Triad, Triangle, Zargon, Zetrex 20058.6213
Demodays2014 by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.6216
292VQ-Mania by Algotech8.6013
One Year Camelot 3 by Camelot8.6020
294Brutal II by Light8.598
295Limbo Living by Fossil8.5818
296Lash by Fairlight8.5825
297Mist II by Vision8.5716
SNN by Padua8.5713
Black Celebration by Twilight8.5710
Frodigi 8 by Algotech8.5710
301Pretending to See the Light by Fairlight8.5619
302We Are Mature by Fairlight8.5634
Soul by Booze Design8.5612
Pal sine høner by Offence8.568
Let's Scroll It! by C64.COM8.5649
306Classics by Booze Design8.5528
Bee Together by Mahoney8.5525
308Double Trouble by Siesta8.5517
309My Beauty by Fairlight8.5428
31020 Years Replay 70% by Replay8.5410
311Trafolta by Mayday!8.5419
The Social Demo by Panda Design8.5429
A Load of Old Shit by Horizon8.5417
Hi Five by Siesta8.5414
315Bumpmania by Arise8.5319
316Darwin by The Dreams8.5319
Crowd Pleaser by Hitmen8.5343
318Area 64 by Offence, Prosonix8.5227
319Frantic 3: Nightmare by Hoaxers8.5035
@ by Atlantis8.5017
Totally Stoned 2 by Booze Design8.5010
ASOA 2019 by Atlantis, Delysid8.5010
Parapsykolog by Panoramic Designs8.5013
We/Shades by Fairlight8.5013
Bound to Be Best #2 by XAKK8.5015
Fjortis! by Fatzone8.5016
Portal by Lepsi De, Miracles8.5025
Visuality II by Visual Reality8.5011
Larch by Breeze, Resource8.5017
The Masque by Oxyron8.5011
Omega 2 by Future Concepts8.5011
332Hallucinations by Albion Crew8.498
333PseudoCode by Noice8.4838
334Fight! by Atlantis8.4620
335Royal Touch by The Dominators8.4513
336Fist of Trade by Hack n' Trade8.4523
3374th Dimension by The Voice8.4410
Dslnoskcirb by Hitmen8.4424
Frighthof by Arsenic8.4431
L'Encyclopédie Géométrique - Last Dance by Wrath Designs8.4411
341Kalle Kloakk Looking for Toilet Paper by Megastyle8.4428
342Party Groove by Resource8.4420
343The Residents by Atlantis8.4324
344Salute! by Resource, The Dreams8.439
345Place in the Space by Taboo8.4316
One Little Wish by Fairlight8.4329
Teen Dreams by Noice8.4316
Royal Arte by Booze Design8.4311
Zookeeper by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.4322
350Krush Groovin' by Fossil8.429
351McDonald's Restaurant by Crest8.429
352Brutal III by Light8.4217
353Hello:FRIEND by Fairlight8.4131
354Unsigned by Byterapers8.4044
Monochrome by Triad8.4022
Naked Grinder by Hoaxers8.4012
Princess in the Kingdom of Subpixels by Mahoney8.4016
358Shampulse by Impulse, SHAPE8.408
359Mortalis Arisen 100% by 64ever8.3942
360Shards of Fancy by Lft8.3929
361Dream Travel 90% by Samar Productions8.3820
362Illmatic by Elysium8.3813
Irrational by Chorus8.3823
364You Know the Routine by Camelot8.3629
Partytrap by Beyond Force8.3614
366Redefinition by Fairlight, Offence8.3524
367The Super Larsson Bros by Horizon, Instinct8.3537
368ReDiscovered by Samar Productions8.3322
The Last Hope by Atlantis8.3314
Silesia Party 4 Invitation by Albion Crew, Artstate, Lepsi De8.3310
64 Seconds by Houbba, Ruk8.3322
Piece of Cake 3 by Megastyle8.3311
Beertime IVA by Dekadence8.3319
Naked Grinder 2 by Hoaxers8.3310
Industrial Revolution by Smash Designs8.3326
Megapetscii by Hackers8.3327
Courtesy of Soviet by Wrath Designs8.3320
Crystal Sheep 3 by Charged8.3312
World of Code 3 by Byterapers8.3317
Artillery 85% by SHAPE8.3324
Christmas18 by Censor Design8.3314
382Single Core by Singular8.338
383Algodancer 2 by Algotech8.3115
384Snake or Die by Horizon8.3011
Nothing But Code by Beyond Force8.3015
386Eclectic by Onslaught8.3040
387Emulated by Upstars8.2911
Recharger by Upstars8.2912
Hexagone II by Babygang8.2911
Cyber Dream by Atlantis8.2921
391Visuality by Visual Reality8.2711
392Second Reality by Smash Designs8.2637
393Produkthandler Kom Her by Camelot8.2513
Cause of Death by Arsenic8.2535
Anal Intruder by Beyond Force8.2511
That's Design by Crazy8.2514
Legacy by Censor Design8.2518
398Smart Girls Hate Booze by Booze Design8.2323
399Trust Your Eyes by Crest, Genesis Project8.2211
Attack of Stubidos 3 by Beyond Force8.2214
Jam Ball 2 by ChristopherJam8.2210
402Fragment by Mahoney8.2017
Pixels by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.2017
Late Ejaculation by Elysium8.2012
Love by Agony Design8.2017
Calculation by Artline Designs8.2019
Drinking Leroy by Fairlight8.2014
Coma Light 8 by Oxyron8.2012
409Air Power by Samar Productions8.1814
Revolution by Chorus8.1816
Wonderland VIII by Censor Design8.1816
412Borderline by Triad8.1728
413Eiger by Nipson8.178
414Party Pig by Booze Design8.1711
I Love the Cube 85% by Samar Productions8.1711
416Ninfa by Level 648.1624
417No Wolf by Dinasours8.168
418What Is the Matrix by Censor Design8.1530
LCP Memories by Fairlight, Instinct8.1518
Cute Overdose by Oxyron, Resource8.1519
421Legoland 2 by Fairlight8.1418
Why I Like Demos by B.U.D.S., Crest8.1413
423Glitch Gangsta [party version] by PVM8.1317
3DEH by Oxyron8.1325
425Micro Sleep by XAKK8.1313
A Load of TAP by Onslaught8.1310
From Beyond by Asphyxia8.138
Channel 64 by Flash Inc.8.1313
Romeo by Fairlight8.1335
430Cock Crusher by Bonzai8.1113
Beertime 5 by Dekadence8.1131
Hello Scope by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Genesis Project8.1112
2 Years Crest by Crest8.1111
434Das Gotler by Dekadence, Extend8.1015
Deuce by Fatzone8.1014
Halfway There by Dekadence8.1013
Fallen Stars by Mayday!8.1026
438A quoi ca sert? by Wrath Designs8.0812
439From Berlin to Paris and Back by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.0820
440Nine by Reflex8.0721
441Der Gümmel by Extend8.0624
442My, Oh My by Light8.0620
443Alcolado 3 by House Designs8.069
444WWIII by Fairlight8.0624
445Origon by Elysium8.008
446Crackling 'n' Cocio by Bonzai8.0012
Stupidity III by Wrath Designs8.0014
Wonderland IV by Censor Design8.008
Legoland by Fairlight8.0016
Bastard by Breeze8.0011
Feeling Retro by Resource8.0012
Smokerings by Vision8.009
Spirited by Spirit8.008
Origin of Nuts by N.U.T.S., NATO, Traitors8.0010
Bounty Hunter by Horizon8.0010
Code Is an Art by Horizon8.0010
Industrial Breakdown by Booze Design8.0017
Phoenix by Brutal8.0022
Exit by Defiers8.0012
Chase That Feeling by Warriors of the Wasteland8.0024
Patterns by Panda Design8.0012
White by Dual Crew8.0013
Aurora 100% by Level 648.0011
Algotecher by Algotech8.0019
Time Machine [party version] by Booze Design8.0024
Delysid Island by Delysid8.0013
Digital Underground by Panda Design8.0017
Vectrologic by Atlantic8.0015
Too Hot to Trot by Arsenic8.0020
Durch den Monsun by Delysid8.0010
BCC Faces by Delysid8.0010
Ascetic by Panda Design8.009
25 Years Atlantis by Atlantis8.0020
Last Touch by Blazon8.0012
Beertime One by Dekadence8.0018
Pixels 35 by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.0011
Vision Z by Steven K8.0014
47825 Years by Tropyx8.008
479Anal Probe by Contex7.958
480Pagan's Mind by Dream7.9424
481Postcards from Stockholm by Fairlight7.9321
482Solaris by Triad7.9322
483Sabrina - The Demo by Algotech7.9216
484Timeline by Scandinavian Allstars7.9216
485Refugee by Triad7.9112
Bloody Domination by Samar Productions7.9113
487Broken by Quadtrip7.9014
Hoaxagon by Hoaxers7.9017
Cucumber Juice 2 by Hitmen7.9012
Emanation Machine by Fairlight7.9014
Reunion 2012 by Computer Freaks Association7.9013
Don't meet Crest by Crest7.9016
The Mayday Show by Mayday!7.9018
494Anyone by Crest, Fairlight7.8911
Song of Fall - Broad Edition by Chorus7.8924
496Wok Zombie by Fairlight7.8830
497Biltandborste by Horizon7.879
498Reflection by Reflex7.869
499Total Epygt by Extend7.8610
Tågekammeret by Conic, Starion7.8613
501You Know the Routine 2 by Camelot7.8315
Tristate by Triad7.8326
ReLIGHTening by Oxyron7.8311
504Living by Glance7.8225
505Feedback by Triad7.8217
Axis of Evil by Fairlight7.8217
507Reanim8ed by Hitmen7.8118
Famous Australians Vol.1 by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix7.8123
509Welcome to the Holodeck II by Siesta7.8013
Wet Dreams 2 by Paradize7.8013
Real by Resource, The Dreams7.8020
512World of Code 2 by Byterapers7.809
513Dialogue by Focus7.7929
514Lunacy 5 by Antic7.799
515We Are Diskmag by Nah-Kolor7.7922
516One Year Coop by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group7.7814
517Goats Who Stare at Men by Noice7.7736
518Partywagon by Artline Designs7.758
519Twist Of by Style7.758
The Legacy by Flash Inc.7.7510
Flashbang by Genesis Project7.7513
BIT by DaCapo7.7511
Xmas 2009 by Venom7.7510
524Legends Never Die by Fairlight7.7312
525Wonderland VI by Censor Design7.7111
20 Years Abyss Connection by Abyss Connection7.7110
Movie World by Dragon Software Productions7.7115
528Execute Overdrive by Smash Designs7.6916
529Sphaeristerium by Horizon, Instinct, Triad7.6925
530Retroholica by Genesis Project7.6822
531Wonderland III by Censor Design7.678
532Kinderegg by Offence, Prosonix7.6715
Freestyle by Clique7.6710
Flatline by Cadgers7.6710
Breitbandkatze 100% by Reflex7.6714
25 Years by Abyss Connection7.6719
Retro by Hoaxers7.6710
Copycat by Fairlight7.6713
Cologne by Centric7.6711
540New Gold Dream by Logic7.659
541Psychedelic Delicacy by Delysid7.6526
542Deep Blue by Arise7.659
543Not a Scene Production by Warriors of the Wasteland7.6416
544Megaparts by Fear7.639
545Game Over by Crest, Fairlight7.6312
Wonderland VII by Censor Design7.6310
Exoneration by EXclusive ON7.6310
Drop the Basics by Damage, Fairlight7.6312
Prime Time by Delysid7.6321
Triage 4 by Smash Designs7.6310
551With Love by Delysid7.608
552Magical Wizard by Delysid7.6020
Visual Delight 2 by Focus7.6015
554X'14 Party Report by Panda Lovers7.588
555Rohrschach Final by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.7.5710
Cosmail by Black Mail, Cosmos Designs7.5711
557First You Live and Then You Die by Fairlight7.5514
558Demolicious by Onslaught7.5437
559Better by Onslaught7.5321
560Homunculi by Dream7.508
561vs. by Arise7.508
562The Beating Heart by Panda Design7.5016
The Awakening by Covenant7.5011
Embryo by Padua7.5015
Effluvium by ChristopherJam7.5017
Snolgkos by Hoaxers7.5017
More than NOPs by K.M., MMS7.5010
Goatology by Noice7.5014
Hammarkullen by Afrika7.5015
570We/5 by Fairlight7.4722
571Fuck the Scene by Warriors of the Wasteland7.4721
572Defloration by Fraction7.469
573BSOD by Lepsi De, Miracles7.4517
574Flashback by Software of Sweden7.4413
575Beertime 3 by Dekadence7.4310
My Kondom by Dekadence, Haujobb7.4311
577We/Laser by Fairlight7.388
578Agiel by Inversion7.3813
579Progress without Progress by Pers' Wastaiset Produktiot7.3615
Soy un Delincuente by Onslaught7.3616
5811 Year Totally Stoned by Booze Design7.359
582Lunacy 6 - The Lost Sequel by Antic7.358
583Triage 2 by Smash Designs7.349
584Manhood 2 by Triad7.3311
We Control by Fairlight7.3316
586Café Odd by Reflex7.338
58712 Years Later by Miracles7.2915
588Krestology Light by Crest7.288
589Our Darkness by Smash Designs7.2717
590Pimp My Bento by NOOP7.2519
Melangerie Mediocre by Mayday!7.2513
592Wonderland V by Censor Design7.249
593Flut by K27.2211
5948 Bits Die Hard by Red Brand7.2017
Alcolado 4 by House Designs7.2012
596New Life by Delysid7.199
ECCC '11 by Arkanix Labs7.199
598Singles Collection Volume 2 by Civitas, Cosine, Creators, Fairlight, Onslaught, Padua, Plush, Tide, Xenon7.1813
599Holy Refuge by No Name7.169
600Kymmene by Aspekt7.1317
Flexxible by Fatzone7.1315
602World of Code by Byterapers7.109
603Plastic Kiss by Resource7.1016
BoomBoom by Aspekt7.1015
605Axis of Evil 2007 by Fairlight7.069
606Farbraus by Arsenic7.049
607Triage by Smash Designs7.049
608Design Overdose by Xenon7.018
609Flatline by Smash Designs7.008
Project Pitchfork by Smash Designs7.008
611Dead Signal by Elder00107.0014
Planet Åstorp by Afrika7.0010
8bit Passion by Onslaught7.0011
Dead Zone by Zone 457.009
The True Story of Batman by DMAgic, Protovision7.0017
Axis of Evil 2006 by Fairlight7.0013
Coma Light 4 by Oxyron7.008
Mist by Civitas7.0011
619Phases by Crest6.8810
Inside 2 by Arise6.8817
621Shudder 2 by Singular6.8612
Triage 5 by Smash Designs6.8613
623Chemtrails by Delysid6.838
624Faux Visage by Panda Design6.8320
625Sabbat by Arkanix Labs, Retro646.8213
626Death or Glory by Covenant6.808
627Relativity by SIDwave6.8010
Singles Collection Volume 1 by Blues Muz', Cosine, Creators, Crest, Dual Crew Shining, Fairlight, Focus, Onslaught, Padua, Plush, Slash Design6.8010
629Alles ist Binaer by CMP6.7814
Beertime 2 by Dekadence6.7812
631Primary Scar by World Wide Expressive6.7510
632Aurora 85%-90% by Level 646.749
633Hello Kitty by Chrome6.7110
Poisonous Injection by Triad6.7111
635Setting by Return6.678
636Antique Parts by Antic6.6712
Goa Brudbilder 1 by Hack n' Trade6.6711
638Deep Throat by DUREX6.6310
639Crepusculo by Level 646.628
640V3locip3d3 by Fairlight6.6217
641Animatron by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.6.5716
642Orange by Triad6.578
643Industrial Terror by Tropyx6.568
644Fallout by Smash Designs6.5616
645Topless by Abyss Connection, Tristar6.519
646Bits'n'Pieces by Triad6.5012
Revolution by Triad6.5010
648Blueprint for Organic Toy by Panda Design6.499
649Scanline by Steven K6.4313
We/Banana by Fairlight6.4311
651Pandas by Panda Design6.378
652Anonymous Downvoter by The New Dimension6.339
Techno Viking by Fairlight6.3313
654Y2K (Duck & Cover) by No Name6.3012
655Decade 100% by Smash Designs6.2510
Evolution 98% by Warriors of the Wasteland6.2510
657Datademo by Panda Design6.2214
658Oldschool by Crypt6.219
659The Works by Panda Design6.199
660FEAR by Raiders of the Lost Empire6.179
661No Way by Tropyx6.049
662It's Cold by Raiders of the Lost Empire6.028
663Beach Party 1988 by Megahawks Incorporated6.018
664Elvira by Agnus6.019
665Psyche by Panda Design6.008
666Brutal by Light6.0010
Forgotten Bytes by Science 4516.0012
8-bit Garden by Digital Sounds System6.0017
669Fifteen Minutes of Lame by Offence, Panoramic Designs5.9214
670Flip on a Trip by Raiders of the Lost Empire5.8913
671809 by The Tremendous Trio5.8810
Det var bättre förr! by Software of Sweden5.8816
673Dementia 2 by Arkanix Labs5.798
674Hubbard's Best by Crypt5.779
675The New Ninja Skateboarders of Death by The New Ninja Skateboarders of Death5.5010
Annihilation by Padua5.5015
677SMSDSS Party Version (100%) by Crypt5.408
678Prophecy & Fate by Civitas5.049
679Spacebar Forever by Alpha Flight4.969
680The Return of Darkness by Smash Designs4.7813
681Criminal by Civitas, Covenant4.558
682We Hate PC 2 (Too) by Spiders-Crew4.5413
683Skate or Drama by 4.3014
684Buenzli Dance by Crypt3.8610
685Burträsk by Afrika3.528
686Nicht gut, aber ausreichend! by Forunkel643.2016
687Forthissimo by Hack n' Trade3.119
688Kebab Pjuck II by Afrika2.8011
689Crycitas by Civitas, Crypt2.7812
690CP-listan 1000 by F*A*I*C2.6711
691Wasting Data by Afrika2.0011
692Europe by Tough1.369

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